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humptydumpty369 t1_j8hwavp wrote

Not every doctor is at the top of the class. Some doctors barely passed. It's still incredibly impressive how quickly AI is advancing.


Ghune t1_j8ie2p5 wrote

But the best doctors are not necessarily the ones who got the highest mark.

Like the best teacher isn't the one who knows maths at the highest level. There is more than one competency.


__ingeniare__ t1_j8i84uj wrote

Given the current pace, there will likely be some model that scores in the top 50% (or even top of class) of medical students within one year from now.


level_17_paladin t1_j8ihd3a wrote

Some are even morons.

Ben Carson stands by statement that Egyptian pyramids built to store grain

>Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday stood by his belief that Egypt’s great pyramids were built by the biblical figure Joseph to store grain — not as tombs for pharaohs.

Carson became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center in 1984 at age 33, then the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the United States


downonthesecond t1_j8j84zk wrote

Believe it or not, Congress is full of educated people, many are even Ivy League alumni.