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Barf_The_Mawg t1_j9x0roa wrote

So Canadian news networks want google to pay them, to advertise for them? Am i missing something, because this is insane troll logic.


mf864 t1_j9z137k wrote

Yes. Because somehow Google pointing to their news sites is supposedly hurting them and taking money from them.

Also google stopping this practice that they say hurts the news companies is also evil and wrong of Google as well.

The only morally correct course is to be forced to link to sites you don't want to pay for by force of the Canadian government.

It's kinda like if copyright law was just created and the idea that you would just not use copyrighted content instead of paying for it is seen as evil and subverting copyright law.


Catzillaneo t1_j9yf7so wrote

Worked in Australia if I remember correctly so now everyone will want a part of the pie. That being said unless I know it will be more than a fluff article it will be unlikely that I will click the direct link just to waste time.


mdielmann t1_ja14mor wrote

You say this like various news agencies in America didn't try the same thing. I'm sure this will end the same way.


Quietbutgrumpy t1_j9zmywz wrote

Yes you are missing something. Original content is copyright protected so they should be paying anyway.


mf864 t1_ja0twwf wrote

So why is google deciding their content isn't worth paying for (and no longer using it in results) bad exactly?

If the harm is "stealing" content and costing news companies money by doing so how is not using that content bad?


Quietbutgrumpy t1_ja0w71h wrote

This is about canadian news content. I don't think we want or need a lot of foreign content , which is what they give us now.


mf864 t1_ja0xlr1 wrote

What? This is about forcing google to pay to use Canadian news in search results because they are making money off ads in the search.

Now they are mad that google decides not to use those Canadian news sources in their search results anymore.

If the "harm" was using the content (and thereby taking money that would have gone to those news sources) why would not using it be bad?


Quietbutgrumpy t1_ja2x20k wrote

This is NOT about making them use Canadian news but making them pay for it, as they are supposed to anyway. If they choose not to use Canadian content, do you really want to support them? Google is trying to influence gov't policy with this tactic, as they did unsuccessfully elsewhere.