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Objective_Fox_6321 t1_ja1jxpu wrote

I mean, I write over 60k words a week on an average using GPT/ already. A dedicated staff of people could fill entire Wikipedia pages with curated content for a game in no time at all.

If you're familiar with W++ and basic storyboarding you can easily create dozens of unique characters each day too. I personally use python lists and I have a prompt that acts as two “players” then I give GPT a rough idea of the scene and see where things go.

You can create dynamic personalities, and writing styles for each character as well as add additional lore by creating new items in the python list.

Although, my fear is censorship in the west. It seems like that's the current play most of these companies want to take. So I'm hoping China grows a pair and offers unrestricted Ai via Tencent. I'd gladly give them my logs/prompts in exchange for unbridled power.


frogandbanjo t1_ja1lq4x wrote

You're hoping that China decides to not censor things.



kaptainkeel t1_ja1l5e3 wrote

You could create dozens of unique characters per day, but ultimately they're going to be linear. They won't react in-the-moment based on your/other NPC's decisions. A future version of GPT could allow for real-time decision-making by the NPCs. Those items and such? All generated on the fly.