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Strong-Estate-4013 t1_j9u8jyn wrote

AI chatbots should be open source imo


GreatBigJerk t1_j9ubnff wrote

There are open source bots, but they are pretty limited. The biggest hurdles are the dataset, and hardware requirements. All of the big LLM's currently require obscenely powerful hardware.


kthnxbai123 t1_j9we3ms wrote

Open source does not matter, and you are misunderstanding the term. What you’re looking for is an AI without restrictions. Unless you plan on modifying it yourself, open source does not matter.


Strong-Estate-4013 t1_j9we8yn wrote

I’d like to modify it actually


E_Snap t1_j9wpt5h wrote

I in that case I hope you have a datacenter to borrow. We need to work hard on lowering the computational requirements of these LLMs, or we need to work just as hard on democratizing access to high-performance computing.


Strong-Estate-4013 t1_j9wq9am wrote

Oh yes, unless there a huge tech advancement I don’t think we’ll get that power for atleast 40 years


foundafreeusername t1_j9ws0to wrote

I looked into that a few days ago. It is trained on a data set that contains 5 petabytes of data ... A lot of the components are actually open source or at least well documented via papers but there is just no way anyone can create one without a few millions as budget.


ffigu002 t1_j9vgfy0 wrote

There are plenty of AI chat bots that are open source


Strong-Estate-4013 t1_j9vgqhd wrote

Yah but their pretty limited and it seems like all of the consumer ones like chatgpt or bing AI are closed source so any restrictions you have to deal with


peepeedog t1_j9waim0 wrote

Facebook research just open sources their LLMs this week.


shivanshko t1_j9u9zf9 wrote



Strong-Estate-4013 t1_j9ua5qe wrote

Cause I’d rather not have AI be restricted l, I want to see how far I can push it.


shivanshko t1_j9uczlu wrote

What if its not open source but with no restriction?