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iligal_odin t1_j95342k wrote

High chance there will be no indication of micro transactions during the beta, just to be bombarded with it on launch


Tabboo t1_j95os2r wrote

iT wIlL oNlY bE cOsMeTiCs

Narrator: "It wasn't"

No fucking way am I pre-ordering this.


centalt t1_j975gqe wrote

Why bother pre ordering a game anyway? Half the time you end up disappointed


PKCertified t1_j97up5c wrote

Why preorder digital releases anyway? It's not like they're going to run out of copies and if the last decade of digital sales is any indication, you can still get the "preorder bonuses" for years after a game has launched, too.


AnewENTity t1_j9f0ks0 wrote

And if it’s a blizzard game that is online only servers will be overloaded for a week after launch


thasackvillebaggins t1_j98i8a7 wrote

I've still got a really bad taste in my mouth from immortal. I doubt I play diablo ever again unless they learn some very huge lessons.


sobanz t1_j99fg3u wrote

honestly, at this point I think they will avoid that for a long time. they've gone from being the most revered western studio(yes, in the wc/sc/diablo era the fanboys were rabid) to losing pretty much all credibility. this needs to be a win for them. they were basically the squaresoft of NA.


iligal_odin t1_j99gctj wrote

The thing is, the Microsoft acquisition hasn't happened yet so milking the whales and the krakens has priority!


sobanz t1_j99i8vg wrote

yea a few friends think that too but I think they want to get their wow for the lost ark/path of exile market going. box sales for base, expansion etc will likely be the way they go.

going full p2w on mobile is par for the course, if they do it here then I will never trust them again.


iligal_odin t1_j99ii0l wrote

Expansions? Hell no, with cod being their shining horse? The route theyll take is:80$ game with 20$ battlepass, or 40$ for the ultimate battlepass. Then trickle updates with updates seasonals to get as much money as possible. Expansions are the way of the past (for the dollar hunting execs)

Edit: I wouldn't br surprised if there will be 2 bps


Mr_Otingocni t1_j95givg wrote

Diablo 2 was my jam. Loved it.

3 seemed like the screen was too small and I didn't like the skill progression. No real customization. Story was 'meh'. Looked great, though.

Immortal was just... boring. Played for a few hours, couldn't get into the story, and I don't like all the mobile bells and whistles and battlepass bullshit.

Hoping 4 will bring back the greatness but I doubt it and probably won't even try it, too much real life shit to do to waste time finding out.


pipboy_warrior t1_j96p61i wrote

Diablo 3's expansion was the best time for me. The whole endgame process of grinding bounties, rifts, greater rifts, and all the gear was really fun for me.

But with 4 having battle passes, I'm expecting the worst.


jerekhal t1_j97oad8 wrote

That was all I needed to hear to have absolutely no interest.

Didn't know it was planned to come with a battlepass and I won't be engaging with it at all due to that. Live service design philosophy tends to work directly against enjoyable and complete baseline gameplay.


FrugalityPays t1_j98gq13 wrote

They’ve said it’ll only be for cosmetics, but I think there lots of doubts on that


jerekhal t1_j98pj24 wrote

Honestly it wouldn't matter to me if it was just cosmetics. Part of the enjoyment of a game like Diablo is looking like a badass while you're going through the game destroying hordes of creatures. A battlepass that's cosmetic only just incentivizes lazy and unappealing cosmetic designs in the base game.

I'd rather that aspect of the game not be piecemealed out and used as incentive to pay for a battlepass or stay engaged. Just sell a complete game. Start working on DLC that will incentivize future purchases or an expansion of the game. Leave it at that.

Fairly confident their player base would be infinitely happier with that methodology. At a bare minimum I would.


Helivon t1_j99akl8 wrote

I'm personally comllety OK with certain cosmetics being purchasable only. Almost any game these days that actually survives has continued income. Only making money off an initial purchase guarantees a shortened life cycle, especially for a game like diablo that really needs continued development. Cosmetics are the only way to do that without completely fucking over game play (see immortal)

BUT, when I look at overwatch 2, I feel so snubbed from being able to earn loot boxes that I lost all interest in playing. I hate unlocking loot that everyone else gets at the same intervals.


jerekhal t1_j99d5mv wrote

More power to you I simply don't share that sentiment.

Diablo would have a perfectly fine lifespan without live-service bullshit imo. It doesn't need a constant and regular update cycle if they just produced bulky and well developed content drops and sold them as DLCs as that would tide people over for a good bit with each. Besides, games don't need to have perpetual development for years on end, the quality inevitably drops pretty significantly as time goes on. But again that's only my opinion.

More importantly you highlighted something that I think a lot of my distaste comes from. Modern live-service design is contemptuous of the user's time and effort, is designed to be psychologically addictive, and gives the absolute bare minimum possible to keep people begrudgingly coming back. That's not something I think is healthy for the game or a net positive regardless of slow content drips that come with.


Mr_Otingocni t1_j96tfbz wrote

I might check out the expansion then. It wasn't the glory days of 2 but I liked it enough to play through the story line. I will say the graphics were beautiful.


B0BsLawBlog t1_j993uq1 wrote

3's biggest problem for me was how they forced the hardness for the first go through. Normal was easy, I usually switch every RPG I play to hard.

You could trivially buy (if you weren't the first set of players) weapons way stronger than you could get in game in the auction house. Cheaply. Giant damage gems too.

So either you banned yourself from those items by willpower, or you just had to play the game the first time on what was basically story mode. Which wasn't fun for me.

I just want a hard (but not Souls hard, I have a job and kids I ain't got time for that) playthrough please. With multiplayer so I can hang with my bro like the old days.


hashinshin t1_j96e5td wrote

They aren’t going to bring your childhood back. Those developers don’t work there anymore. Stop giving money away to people who just name brand their shitty games.

This sounds harsh but Reddit just shills non stop for name brand games from the good old days that aren’t good anymore.


Mr_Otingocni t1_j96ixmj wrote

Lol, I haven't spent a dollar on anything but used 360 games at half-price books in over a decade and that's once every few years 😆. I got bills to pay.

Yeah, seems like every generation gets a nostalgia building chunk of time and everything else after that just never seems to match it, even when the games themselves are objectively better.


SuperSatanOverdrive t1_j96802s wrote

I love D2, but I actually think D3 has a lot of customization, as you can swap up what kind skills you use any time, while in D2 you lock in to much larger degree. D3 is much more about the items though


Mr_Otingocni t1_j96i70y wrote

I kinda liked that aspect, being locked in. You had to make your build work one way or another. Which increased the replay factor. I initially liked the ability to switch around the skills at a whim in D3, but instead of creating a ton of unique builds from each class, you just had the same class and a ton of equipment to make each variation work. I didn't really care for it but I do see the appeal.


poetdesmond t1_j97l4vn wrote

I don't know, locking builds just means most people are going to crack open Icy Veins and go with one of the preset builds there, and they're doing to top-to-bottom do it in order, while grinding for the gear that fits that build, because an unoptimized build in D2 is basically just an increase to the difficulty level with no ability to dial it back if you don't like it. It also gimps creativity or experimentation unless you want to risk dedicating hours to something that may not work.

Open builds mean I can go, "Hey, I've got a weird idea!" implement it, test it, and make a decision on how effective it was in minutes.


Mr_Otingocni t1_j97nlbt wrote

What you said sounds like you are probably right, but, bro, I don't understand half of those references, ha ha. I played D2 with expansion packs on solo, no mods, for years. No guides or anything. I was really too old to be spending all day playing video games back then, when you actually had time to see if some weird ass combo was going to work out or you'd be halfway through the game before realizing you screwed the pooch and should start over or expect a lifetime dependence on potions. So now I'm way out of the loop and so old I fart dust.

I hear what you're saying, and in general I like the ability to reset skill trees in most games, I just liked that with Diablo you really got a run for your money with builds because it took getting your ass kicked but unwilling to restart to find a creative way to make some wonky crap actually work.


Wonkbro t1_j994q42 wrote

I liked being locked in too. I liked being a "Fire Nova maxed, Lightning Nova maxed" sorceress. As opposed to just a sorceress.

Even though the build was shit.


Nagisan t1_j9915bu wrote

The shift to an item-based focus is what I didn't like about D3. Obviously gear can make or break builds in D2, but in D3 almost the entirety of character progression was based around gear.

Sure you unlock skills as you level in D3, but once you got to the appropriate level changing your build was as easy as clicking a couple buttons. All the skills were gear-based, and sure certain items worked better for certain skills but once your character was leveled there was little reason to level that class again because you could easily swap skills around and just have gear swaps in your stash.

D2 forced you to think about the character you wanted to play and actually build into that character. Once you did it wasn't easy to change your character, so it encouraged replayability by forcing you to remake the same class if you wanted a different build. The only way I spent years playing D2 was due to this, such as leveling up a paladin into a hammerdin, leveling a different one for boss killing (smiter), and even a third as a zealer. In D3 this would've all been accomplished with a single playthrough and some gear/skill swaps depending on what I wanted to play. D2 gave a sense that a character has a specific purpose to me, D3 was just "idk do whatever you want whenever you want" so the characters felt boring and had no real meaning behind them.

That said I still did enjoy D3, I just felt like it was well behind D2 in terms of replayability. I played D2 for 4-5 years when it first came out, I played D3 off and on for maybe a year, and a good chunk of that was to make a little bit of money when the real money auction house existed.


fredo3579 t1_j97dx26 wrote

Try Diablo 2 Resurrected, it's the same game but updated graphics and sound. Really well done! I enjoyed it for a bit, but it was ultimately too much of a time sink...


Mr_Otingocni t1_j97jbw2 wrote

I'll definitely check that out. Like you, though, my game time has taken a back seat to such a degree that I can't even really get immersed in them anymore. *sigh*


Gandaalfr t1_j97vrxi wrote

I couldn't get into the look of Diablo 3. It was so... Warcraft.


Gingergerbals t1_j964frf wrote

I'm same with you on the other games. I don't have high hopes for D4 but if I get surprised then great.


newnamesam t1_j9929q0 wrote

Diablo Immoral was the most abusive game to be produced in the last 10 years. People are talking about spending over $100k to cap it, and it's a seasonal game. Mind blowing how they're taking advantage of addicts like that.


excalibrax t1_j9a2n2f wrote

I loved the demo I played years ago, but it was a single map and one dungeon. It has promise, but I highly suspect they will fuck it up


bigtimephonk t1_j9armuc wrote

> Diablo 2 was my jam. Loved it.

As somebody who came to the remaster without playing the original, that game did NOT live up to the hype. Diablo 3 certainly wasn't perfect, but I could see where they deliberately made improvements that addressed deficiencies in Diablo 2. Also split-screen multiplayer.


4gb3fe3 t1_j96aa23 wrote

....good feedback? What even is this comment?

"I like some things related to the subject at hand. I don't think I'll like the subject at hand though. We'll see. Might be good. I probably wont even find out though."

People are weird.


Gumbercleus t1_j955quo wrote

But do we actually want to give money to activision-blizzard?


HinduHamma t1_j95z79z wrote

Nope. I’ve got over 1000 hours on d3 and probably double that back in the day on d2 when I was actually a teen and had plenty of free time.

Not wasting my money on this shit company anymore. they don’t deserve $$ imo. And I honestly don’t care much for the genre anymore; it’s literally gonna be the same shit I’ve played for ages. Spin around a map and blow up demons. Cool.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j95qtbd wrote

I’m gonna wait till it’s on gamepass through Microsoft.


YEETMANdaMAN t1_j96fkti wrote

Damn for a second I thought was going to be a day 1


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j96gyyy wrote

If the merge can go through enough time before launch, then sure.


River_of_Sparta87 t1_j9745cz wrote

Ain't happening.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j974fwj wrote

They said all games they own would be on day 1. They already announced they would with upcoming Bethesda games, so why not?


River_of_Sparta87 t1_j974w29 wrote

Not a single one is on there now


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j978hkx wrote

What are you talking about?

I did a search for fallout and all the fallout games are there. I did a search for elder scrolls and they were all there too. At least all the ones made in the last 20 years.

Also all 3 dishonored games.

What Bethesda games are you not seeing?


River_of_Sparta87 t1_j9793zf wrote

Diablo, you know, what this post is about? No Diablo games on game pass now or ever


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j979eh4 wrote

Right, because the acquisition for Microsoft buying activision blizzard hasn’t gone through yet. Look at the conversation chain, I said it will come when if the acquisition goes through it will…


Pattoe89 t1_j9aqf3g wrote

Just giving you a word of warning. You're arguing with an idiot. Probably best to leave it be, they ain't listening.


zaviex t1_j9978cc wrote

The merger hasn’t completed yet…


stormdelta t1_j97ghid wrote

After Immortal nobody should trust them again until full retail release has been out for awhile with actual reviews.


newnamesam t1_j992wak wrote

Absolutely this. They have been cashing in on their reputation and captive audience for years. Diablo Immortal (aka Diablo Immoral), the hatchet job they did with Overwatch, the terrible state of Diablo 3 on launch, constantly releasing games before they're ready, and cash grab that was warcraft 3 reforged.

Everything is designed to squeeze blood out of the stone that is their aging playerbase. Anyone who pre-orders or even joins the beta on this game knows what they're getting into.


Pattoe89 t1_j9aq5b9 wrote

>After Immortal nobody should trust them again

You probably should have just finished your comment here, to be honest.


SixthLegionVI t1_j967f4z wrote

Wait until the game releases and we get some solid reviews. Don't pre-order people. Just fucking wait. Go hiking or some shit while we wait for trustworthy reviews.


slopdonkey t1_j97vssw wrote



Cornhole35 t1_j97yz7h wrote

Im pirating the fuck out of this and I haven't pirated a game in like 7ish years.


JoeDawson8 t1_j9a9kzn wrote

It was years before I could play a pirated D3. How will this be any different?


kekubuk t1_j97nbw8 wrote

Pass. The company is dead to me.


Sengara t1_j9546c6 wrote

I have been playing Diablo for years. I loved 1 and 2, and 3 was fun after they killed the real money AH.

I expect D4 to be utterly unplayable because of microtransactions, banners, and battle passes.

I really hate that I won't be able to play Diablo 4 because I know right off the bat I won't want to pay an extra ~$30 after buying the game for the cool wings I will forever regret missing.


ChuckyRocketson t1_j99lbuj wrote

What, you don't want to pay money so YOU can be that annoyingly bright and shiny blur of RGB flashing around the map? /s


Cyan-ranger t1_j955eal wrote

I’ll admit diablo 3 wasn’t the best at the start but it turned into a really great game with updates and the reaper DLC. Hopefully this is more of what D3 is now and less of what it was at the start.


Gingergerbals t1_j9642xa wrote

Actually, I'd argue the other way with some other constants in mind. The game became wayyyy too easy and casual are RoS. You can get maxed out, fully geared with a character and hit 1000+ paragon in under a week no problem. The game just has felt super stale for years. There is no variation, it's just a simple cookie-cutter few builds to play and no others each season unless you want to be far behind


Spot-CSG t1_j96d5a7 wrote

Whats your playtime on D3 though? Probably 300+ based off your comment. That's a good game by my definition. I lasted maybe 30 hours at launch and half that was scamming people out of their tomes of jewelcrafting. I played probably another 350 after RoS came out and enjoyed it.


Gingergerbals t1_j96fexj wrote

Probably 500+ hours. Gameplay time doesn't necessarily translate to quality, nor enjoyment. I more or less went back to seasons to play with buddies almost never going back just for myself. Go to other ARPGs like D2/PoE/Grim Dawn and I have thousands of hours in each. I can go into each one and constantly make new characters that I have enjoyment out of. Gameplay isn't just stale after a few days. D3 feels like a mobile game compared to any of them with its depth imo


Giancolaa1 t1_j96nr7m wrote

Maybe don’t spend 3 weeks of your life playing a game you dislike so much? Gameplay stale after a few days of playing yet you have 3 weeks worth of playtime, sounds a lot like a personal issue.


Farahtethi t1_j98v3pc wrote

😭😭 right. Like one of those meme steam reviews that are like “I hate it” with 1k hours on it.


Gingergerbals t1_j96ord2 wrote

A season only lasts a day to a week. Again, I played with my friends and I said "imo" which translates to in my opinion if you're unfamiliar. I brought up other ARPGs to draw a comparison of the same sub-category and experience I've had in the genre. Again, in my opinion, D3 is one of the weakest ARPGs with a lack of depth. It shouldn't be used as an example to base off of for another installment.

Btw, before we get to the typical counterargument of D3 sales, you have to look at the time it was released and comparative titles that were available. Additionally, it came off of the hugely popular D2 games, so there was pent-up want for the next installment.


HierarchofSealand t1_j96qhwk wrote

Why is this in /r/technology?


Farahtethi t1_j98uzvi wrote

Reddit Hive mind chooses this to be one of those topics posted everywhere to hate on


supergrendell t1_j96im3g wrote

Please don’t let it be p2w, Please don’t let it be p2w, Please don’t let it be p2w, Please don’t let it be p2w


Then-Understanding85 t1_j96lvo1 wrote

I don’t understand the hate for 3. I loved being able to just pop skills and gear around to completely change up how a class worked without restarting the game every time you wanted to dabble in something new.

Don’t get me wrong, it was rough as hell when it first launched, but I enjoy where it is now.


marmatag t1_j96o62d wrote

3 was like a roller coaster ride / arcade game not a sandbox.

What made 2 so great wasn’t the core story. It was the community of trading, dueling, pking, all the human interactions. You had a friend list in d2 and it mattered. Also d2 had duping which actually make gave the game an economy. It was such a unique thing to be a part of, valuing items in SOJ, wheeling dealing, running pindlebots, dropping a bunch of free gear for cool newbies. Also the true rpg side of it, building characters was actually a thing, skill points, attributes.

I would never have time to play 2 today as an adult. And frankly without botting I wouldn’t even consider something so grindy. But d2 had its time and it will never be relived again. I won’t chase that feeling with d4.


Then-Understanding85 t1_j96oyb5 wrote

Ah, I never got into that side of D2. It was all about the experience of carving through a mass of bad guys like a demigod of my own creation. EverQuest was my outlet for the social experience.


Mr_Otingocni t1_j96twl6 wrote

Same. I was playing D2 for the grind and trying out class builds. Over and over again. I was playing MUDs for the social aspects.


marmatag t1_j96p6fm wrote

Ahh gotcha. I was too young for any game that had a monthly fee as I had no way to pay it haha


ActivisionBIizzard t1_j95312f wrote

Never too early to save for the P2W!


Netch_godling t1_j95wedf wrote

I hate you, I want you gone, I want your legacy removed and all memories erased. The only thing I want left of you is the knowledge of what happens when a company abandons the enjoyment aspect of games.


bn351 t1_j97hg7q wrote

Do you all not have phones


PapaOscar90 t1_j95n64v wrote

Cool, I’ll play it after launch.


Secunda_Son t1_j9721ja wrote

This is our chance to tell them that we hate the cash shop and the P2W mechanics which they will promptly ignore. Game will be dead as Diablo: Immortal in a few months.


Soliae t1_j96cffz wrote

An avid Diablo fan since the beginning, I won’t be buying, testing, or caring after the release of Immortal I have no faith left in this company’s ability to deliver a quality game.


name2947 t1_j96ek6z wrote

I used to love Diablo. The og was what got me into pc gaming as a little shit. I have no hopes for d4 and have completely given up on blizzard.


Netplorer t1_j97l4pk wrote

Surely they will go with the Diablo Immoral route and screw us with a rusty nails bat.

I can see nothing great coming out of that husk of a company that used to be a mark of quality. Now they are too busy censoring some old dungeon background paintings and monetizing everything with the assistance of that chinese mobile game bloodsucker company.


Available_Sprinkles7 t1_j98d2km wrote

just watch a blind lets play for the story


play poe for actual good arpg gameplay


simple - stop supporting blizzard they died a long time ago.


SupaDiogenes t1_j98fw4c wrote

I was really disappointed to see the collector's edition doesn't actually come with the game..


Ephigy t1_j98ga25 wrote

Fuck Blizzard-Activision.


Farahtethi t1_j98uwup wrote

I feel like all they need to do is add a lot of cool classes and mixed classes, and just do what they did with Diablo 3 DLC into the main game and expand from there.

Let’s hope execs don’t fuck it up


ApatheticPopoto t1_j9br9ap wrote

If there's any form of battlepass I'll be passing.on IV


harangatangs t1_j9f4g6o wrote

Something to buy a year after release, after MS has acquired, maybe. I have a hunch there's going to be a looooooot of disinformation about this game in the lead up.


[deleted] t1_j951xlc wrote



Doobiemoto t1_j95ipze wrote

Diablo immortal is a joke of a game from a gamers perspective but it is is no way a flop.

That thing is making millions a month.


ioncloud9 t1_j95iqul wrote

Diablo Immortal was not a flop. They are making so much money on it, it’s disgusting.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j955ohw wrote

I rather enjoyed D3, but immortal was a mobile so inevitably it was a p2w nightmare


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j95qpyw wrote

Considering the vast amount of sales of Diablo 3 and has a decent player base a decade later and the millions upon millions of dollars Diablo immortal I am genuinely curious what your criteria is for a “flop”.

I’m gonna guess is you don’t personally like it you consider it a flop.


Spot-CSG t1_j96cq95 wrote

Diablo 3 actually ended up being a good game after the initial shitshow launch.


SpaceMonkei t1_j96177n wrote

I am not exited. Yet. D2 is still the best Diablo.


robotsaysrawr t1_j98ipi2 wrote

It being only online is a full deal-breaker. And it now having battle passes most likely means ActiBlizz won't given in to pressure to make consoles offline again. Literally zero reason for a Diablo game to be online only so I guess I'll just stick with 3 for my mindless grinding fun.


insipidgoose t1_j99mk03 wrote

Pass. Will not touch a Blizzard game until Kotick is gone.


soakedinthecrack t1_j961npb wrote

When do we boycott and help change the world. People need to see how hard Americans really have it.

Never mind the fact we have a piss poor education and healthcare system. Infrastructure that’s falling apart at the seems, tax dollars going to lobbyists, hungry children, etc.

1st world problems over here, you goobers taking a stand against microtransactions and frat boy culture. Fight that good fight.


rifjcn t1_j97znkm wrote

Preordered and ready to go.


Lahk74 t1_j98f68y wrote

Why? You afraid they'll run out of digital copies?


rifjcn t1_j98fwgs wrote

Yes. Use to happen all the time before. So now I just preorder that way I know I’ll get a copy.


Lahk74 t1_j98g41h wrote

How many downloads do you think they'll have before they run out of stock?