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freechipsandguac t1_j8ygdo4 wrote

Horrible timing for this. When the justice department is already looking to split up Alphabet you have a tech company getting ready to announce that they want to be like that company?


IdesOfMarchCometh t1_j92qhbs wrote

It's terrible if you want to see google broken up because it reinforces the fact that Google isn't a monopoly. Anyone can put up a website and compete. TikTok did this and has done well. Despite their evil monopoly, Google Plus didn't happen. On and on and on. You want a monopoly, look at Comcast or most American ISPs. Google actively fights them with Google fiber. The monopoly push against Google will fail unless the laws are rewritten to target Google. The only arguments we have so far are emotional "DAE GOOGLR EVIL" diatribes. No mention of Comcast and friends.