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syboxez t1_j8yh2x5 wrote

Big Tech is a privacy nightmare, Apple included.


Killerdude8 t1_j8yk2r4 wrote

Apple is actually one of the few big tech companies that handles user privacy and security very well…


syboxez t1_j8ylr4k wrote

For third party apps? Sure. For their own products? Nope.

Ever wonder how Apple Maps knows where you live even though you never inputted that information?

Also how only in December of last year did Apple announce they were adding end to end encryption to iCloud, and this is after the whole CSAM scanning scandal. Will anyone be able to verify that the encryption is actually end to end and secure? No, since the client software is not open source, and therefore, cannot be publicly audited.

Apple is great at marketing, though, so they advertise that they respect privacy.


Killerdude8 t1_j8ylxzt wrote

Because it uses locations services that you can disable?

Thats not the gotcha you think it is.


__Loot__ t1_j8yuxad wrote

You realize. that’s public information.


Spare_Change_Agent t1_j8yyd25 wrote

The challenge with making it encrypted was data loss/recovery — customer often lose data (by deleting it) and expect apple to recover it.


joejoe347 t1_j902qtn wrote

They literally don't even have end to end encryption when you message anything other than an iphone.