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MrVandalous t1_j8zqnns wrote

Apple is great at innovating products in a market where no one else has been successful before at the consumer level.

Apple is terrible at innovating products in a market where there already exists a major player or key product that consumers regularly use.

Apple is terrible at inventing new products or fabricating novel concepts.


therealdjred t1_j90ky1e wrote

They invented pinch to zoom, which id argue is a cornerstone to touch screen tech.


Real_Turtle t1_j91jxdh wrote

Yes, like mobile phones, wearables, wireless headphones. Absolutely terrible.


MrVandalous t1_j91krlv wrote

How many people were regularly using smart phones prior to the iphone?

How many people were regularly using tablets prior to the ipad?

How many people were regularly using mp3 players prior to the iPod?

How many people were regularly using smart watches prior to the apple watch?

My point was, apple is great at finding a killer app or building a version of a product in a space where the average person either doesn't see a reason to enter the market or can't afford to


Real_Turtle t1_j91mt94 wrote

I think if you look at those examples actually the opposite is true. Apple is normally not the first-entrant into a market but is often the more successful later-entrant. But that doesn’t take away from the success of the early movers.

The iPod was not the first MP3 player, but it is the most memorable. Blackberry was around for years and Android existed as an OS years before iOS. Google was also first to tablets and wearables. There were/are many alternative Bluetooth headphones before AirPods.

These are all successful products by any measure. Android is on tons of devices. Bose and Sony (and many others!) make great audio devices. Apple just did it better for a lot of people.


MrVandalous t1_j91zgon wrote

But that is exactly what I said in my initial post. I feel like we're arguing on the same side lol


Norci t1_j92h0yy wrote

I don't think those statements really hold true for iPhone. A full touch and app based phone was a pretty novel concept, considering how the rest of the phones looked and operated back there, and there were plenty of successful actors in the mobile phone market.

Sure, it's not a 100% world breaking invention, it's still a phone, but it's still a novel concept.