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Redchong t1_j8y27g5 wrote

We’ve been hearing about this for literally years now. I have a feeling this is the next “Apple car.” We’ll hear about it every 6 months or so until the end of time


skyeyemx t1_j8zwq9n wrote

I feel like the mythical Apple folding phone is next up to this list too.


Vzdubz t1_j8xxu1i wrote

I’m sure it’s going to work great like Siri lol Apple sometimes makes magical amazing things but other times. It’s apparent they have not a clue what they’re doing


DankChunkyButtAgain t1_j8y6rf0 wrote

or Apple Maps...

Again not that Google is much better. What number messenger app am I on now? What random project will they cancel next only to half-ass integrate random features into another similar but not the same app.


sparkly_bits t1_j8ylnxl wrote

Apple maps was really rough when it launched, but these days the UI/street view is much better than Google. I just wish it had more user reported data like waze.


tim_locky t1_j8zbo9u wrote

Agreed. On properly mapped areas, they have better proactive lane warning. Also, on cities they mapped everything down to the lane marking which is quite cool


badpeoria t1_j8z7jaw wrote

I love the apple watch part of it. Nice driving and walking and not having to pay attention to the phone.


acd21 t1_j8zhkyk wrote

As much as I love that feature it’s bittersweet because I’m pretty sure Apple is blocking 3rd party apps from implementing the same thing. Maybe I’m behind and it’s already been covered but why wouldn’t google maps or Waze implement that if it wasn’t an option?


therealdjred t1_j90ktvt wrote

If you turn your screen off it chirps you watch unless im misunderstanding this.


acd21 t1_j91fbfa wrote

For google maps and Waze? I don’t remember getting any navigation notifications on my watch using them but it’s been awhile since I’ve tried.


Vzdubz t1_j8y6w6c wrote

Google messenges are something else. They have not a clue what to do


JeffGodOfTriscuits t1_j8zc4ef wrote

You need to try Apple Maps again. Much prefer it to GMaps.


c_kernel t1_j90usrp wrote

I have been struggling to find directions since a month


anhphamfmr t1_j90ll15 wrote

I’ve been constantly using Apple Map recently. I am not sure if you are talking about.


datsmamail12 t1_j8yfcoe wrote

Or the apple car. They had such a great release of their prototype last year.


nooshaw t1_j8yj1cw wrote

ChatGPT seems to be ahead of Google, as Bing has already launched a public trial of their own version. For Apple to successfully enter the search engine competition, they will need a similar offering right from the start.


[deleted] t1_j8zgspt wrote



sephy009 t1_j90lfi6 wrote

gpt isn't the only LLM, and google has their own internal LLM that they've been working on for years.


MrVandalous t1_j8zqnns wrote

Apple is great at innovating products in a market where no one else has been successful before at the consumer level.

Apple is terrible at innovating products in a market where there already exists a major player or key product that consumers regularly use.

Apple is terrible at inventing new products or fabricating novel concepts.


therealdjred t1_j90ky1e wrote

They invented pinch to zoom, which id argue is a cornerstone to touch screen tech.


Real_Turtle t1_j91jxdh wrote

Yes, like mobile phones, wearables, wireless headphones. Absolutely terrible.


MrVandalous t1_j91krlv wrote

How many people were regularly using smart phones prior to the iphone?

How many people were regularly using tablets prior to the ipad?

How many people were regularly using mp3 players prior to the iPod?

How many people were regularly using smart watches prior to the apple watch?

My point was, apple is great at finding a killer app or building a version of a product in a space where the average person either doesn't see a reason to enter the market or can't afford to


Real_Turtle t1_j91mt94 wrote

I think if you look at those examples actually the opposite is true. Apple is normally not the first-entrant into a market but is often the more successful later-entrant. But that doesn’t take away from the success of the early movers.

The iPod was not the first MP3 player, but it is the most memorable. Blackberry was around for years and Android existed as an OS years before iOS. Google was also first to tablets and wearables. There were/are many alternative Bluetooth headphones before AirPods.

These are all successful products by any measure. Android is on tons of devices. Bose and Sony (and many others!) make great audio devices. Apple just did it better for a lot of people.


MrVandalous t1_j91zgon wrote

But that is exactly what I said in my initial post. I feel like we're arguing on the same side lol


Norci t1_j92h0yy wrote

I don't think those statements really hold true for iPhone. A full touch and app based phone was a pretty novel concept, considering how the rest of the phones looked and operated back there, and there were plenty of successful actors in the mobile phone market.

Sure, it's not a 100% world breaking invention, it's still a phone, but it's still a novel concept.


OnlyKaz t1_j8zva4i wrote

What are some magical apple things?


Vzdubz t1_j8zvfg7 wrote

I'd say the iphone mainly but their MacBook pros as well. Lots of their products are best in class


lilbro93 t1_j8xkhzo wrote

I will never use it, but millions of people who aren't good with tech, like my parents, will use whatever is set to their devices by default. They each have their own iPhones and ipads. There is definitely a market.


diphthing t1_j8z483b wrote

True, but why spend money to develop and support this when you get $15 billion from Google? Seems a little bit of a stretch unless Apple has something even larger planned here.


RishabhX1 t1_j908ong wrote

Apple seems to be significantly ramping up their ad business, and their search engine could be a huge boost to that


chemicalsam t1_j8yeiem wrote

Or maybe it’s cause google is a privacy nightmare


syboxez t1_j8yh2x5 wrote

Big Tech is a privacy nightmare, Apple included.


Killerdude8 t1_j8yk2r4 wrote

Apple is actually one of the few big tech companies that handles user privacy and security very well…


syboxez t1_j8ylr4k wrote

For third party apps? Sure. For their own products? Nope.

Ever wonder how Apple Maps knows where you live even though you never inputted that information?

Also how only in December of last year did Apple announce they were adding end to end encryption to iCloud, and this is after the whole CSAM scanning scandal. Will anyone be able to verify that the encryption is actually end to end and secure? No, since the client software is not open source, and therefore, cannot be publicly audited.

Apple is great at marketing, though, so they advertise that they respect privacy.


Killerdude8 t1_j8ylxzt wrote

Because it uses locations services that you can disable?

Thats not the gotcha you think it is.


__Loot__ t1_j8yuxad wrote

You realize. that’s public information.


Spare_Change_Agent t1_j8yyd25 wrote

The challenge with making it encrypted was data loss/recovery — customer often lose data (by deleting it) and expect apple to recover it.


joejoe347 t1_j902qtn wrote

They literally don't even have end to end encryption when you message anything other than an iphone.


Jonestown_Juice t1_j8yz33t wrote

There's a market for that now and it's rapidly shrinking. Once it's gone, it's gone. Our parents are the last generation that won't understand this stuff, I think.


typhoonador4227 t1_j911qnl wrote

I think you underestimate how bad some younger people are with computers.


Representative_Pop_8 t1_j917for wrote

I think in depth computer knowledge is beginning to go down in younger generation, people in the teens and low twenties don't even know what a dime much less a file system is, unless they specifically are trained as developers


BigMax t1_j9137un wrote

How can you imply you’re tech savvy and then dismiss a technology you’ve never seen or tried before it’s even released?

“I’ll never change my ways” isn’t exactly a forward looking philosophy.

Im not saying I have a ton of confidence Apple will create a killer search engine, but I’ll at least be open to trying it and open to the possibility.


Achenest t1_j8xjkft wrote

And it will probably suck as bad as siri


TheKert t1_j8y079b wrote

I tried to get Siri to suck and she said no


Nikiaf t1_j8y42e3 wrote

Since they're obviously going to make this the default on MacOS/iOS/etc., it'll get a fair bit of early traction. But if it's going to be as absolutely useless as Siri is for even the most basic of web searches, I could see it getting disabled pretty quickly.

They only have one shot to get this right, remember the Apple Maps disaster? A significant number of people will perpetually refuse to even try it because of how bad the initial versions were.


alexunderwater1 t1_j90va53 wrote

They don’t need to actually make one, they just need to throw $1B at appearing to making one so Google will throw them $5B more a year to have priority over it.


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8yxdrf wrote

Ah, good old maps. At least Internet Explorer and Edge were given the opportunity to dig their own graves so I could download Firefox. I never even opened Apple Maps.


EveningHippo9 t1_j8y8lp1 wrote

It will be subscription based and only accessible from apple devices


freechipsandguac t1_j8ygdo4 wrote

Horrible timing for this. When the justice department is already looking to split up Alphabet you have a tech company getting ready to announce that they want to be like that company?


IdesOfMarchCometh t1_j92qhbs wrote

It's terrible if you want to see google broken up because it reinforces the fact that Google isn't a monopoly. Anyone can put up a website and compete. TikTok did this and has done well. Despite their evil monopoly, Google Plus didn't happen. On and on and on. You want a monopoly, look at Comcast or most American ISPs. Google actively fights them with Google fiber. The monopoly push against Google will fail unless the laws are rewritten to target Google. The only arguments we have so far are emotional "DAE GOOGLR EVIL" diatribes. No mention of Comcast and friends.


Moronicon t1_j8z2w1c wrote

Ill believe in when I see it. This and a folding iPhone.


camposdav t1_j8ze3yr wrote

That’s good hopefully it will be good but Google should definitely have competition in that space. Apple entering into the fray would definitely give them competition knowing Apple will make it default for their systems and instantly give it a huge market share. So I welcome it for one. I just started using bing because of chatgpt and it’s surprisingly good.


uparm t1_j910ep4 wrote

there's already better search engines, I just wish they were better known. I use duckduckgo and I find the search results far better, primarily due to the lack of censored results. Also the complete lack of promoted results. If I search for something, I want what I searched for, end of story. Google hasn't done that for a long time.


rdldr1 t1_j907glg wrote

Going to be as successful as Apple Maps.


anObscurity t1_j918p8s wrote

Can they just marginally improve iMessage search that’s all I want


mathtech t1_j8y3ozq wrote

More pressure on Google is good imo


Sueti_Bartox t1_j8yj2pj wrote

This article is a couple of months old, why are you dredging it up now?


knellbell t1_j8z288r wrote

Apple AI capabilities suck and are a huge risk to the business.


littleMAS t1_j8z6szo wrote

Coming right after the launch of Apple Car.


FreeConfection4317 t1_j8zk7vn wrote

Misleading title, the timeline is so far out and vague it doesn't mean anything.


Headline should have read: "Billion-Dollar Tech Giant Apple has Modern Search Tech. Water Wet."


Sea-Woodpecker-610 t1_j8zqj5k wrote

They may want to try making a map app that could at least match Google first.


Osoroshii t1_j8zw92v wrote

Meanwhile Bing is pulling ahead in the race


colin8651 t1_j906grf wrote

Just work on street view.


Kibbols123 t1_j9071f6 wrote

"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!"


TheCh0rt t1_j90cqav wrote

Search and ads are like two peas in a pod.


pdx-E t1_j90gzjl wrote

As long as it doesn’t try to rival Bing chat mode…


PapaOscar90 t1_j90pwka wrote

Yet they can’t even add bicycle navigation to the country with the most bicycles per capita. So, it’s going to be an un-finished mess.


system3601 t1_j90rbw6 wrote

Google is a huge problem now. No wonder thier stock is plummeting and investors ask to see something better on the horizon. Their core business is in danger, Microsoft is stealing search revenue and now Apple will steal search revenue. That is major!


ilovepups808 t1_j91293y wrote

I use ecosia dot com since it plants trees. Consider it.


pdxpmk t1_j91lr3x wrote

Rivaling Google is chasing a bar that gets lower every day.


MountainScorpion t1_j8z14d1 wrote

Oh, boy. Just what I need - another fucking walled garden by Apple.



ChalupaCabre t1_j8zl2rd wrote

I love Apple… but I don’t even use Apple’s maps, it’s not as good as Google Maps. Why would I use an inferior product.. that’s why I use Apple in the first place.


leenpaws t1_j8zm6vb wrote

pretty sure google is easy to beat


alexunderwater1 t1_j90v6qx wrote

I keep saying they should just buy Duck Duck Go for a paltry $1B in cash (or less) or stock and then point to that acquisition everytime Google comes around asking to re-up their Google search priority contract for iPhones.

Google would pay an extra $5B the first year.


Halorym t1_j8yd89d wrote

The only reason Apple beat out Zune is they had the Jello Rights with the IPod name. "MP3 players" were "ipods" like gelatine is "Jell-o" and even though Zune was better in every way, you're a weirdo for having an "off-brand ipod". They're not going to win trying to build a "better way to Google something".


purchankruly t1_j8xuzfm wrote

Didn’t they do that back with Sherlock in Mac OS 8?