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Raul_77 t1_j9x1sk4 wrote

I really like Signal but the main issue is, my work laptop can only download apps that are the in the app store, so cant install Signal ! I really wish it had a web app similar to WhatsApp.


OcculusSniffed t1_j9x95v6 wrote

What are you using a work laptop for non-work messaging for?


[deleted] t1_j9xqkv0 wrote



SirensToGo t1_j9y2j5n wrote

Don't put anything on your work laptop that you don't want the company to have or, alternatively, entered into the legal record when someone sues your company and your data gets taken for discovery


addiktion t1_j9yo27j wrote

My one workaround is I own the company too haha but yes take this advice. It doesn't matter how well mannered or awesome your bosses are when shit hits the fan, however that is, your personal shit on a company laptop is only gonna work against ya.


altrdgenetics t1_j9z5ipe wrote

And as an owner at least in the US it is better to keep them separate too for the Tax Man. Makes it easier to clearly denote personal vs business assets.


JeffreyMarsalek t1_j9y1bpe wrote

Chill bosses until the next bad quarter (for public companies)/recession (for private ones)


throwaway83756 t1_j9x6c6s wrote

Well considering you can exfiltrate data through the app I suspect your security team would remove it anyway.


RaktPipasu t1_j9x5vzy wrote

Is it possible to use homebrew?


ThimeeX t1_j9xwuig wrote

Probably not on a locked down corporate laptop. Plus they often come with corporate software that specially scans for unauthorized software, so it's not worth the risk of trying to bypass.

Lots of people don't seem to realize how locked down and monitored work laptops are, you really don't want to run personal Signal accounts or anything else for that matter on these devices.