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TheFriendlyArtificer t1_j9xjj0z wrote

The only thing that has really been grinding my gears is the lack of love for Android tablets.

You can download Signal for iPad, Linux, etc. and link it as a regular secondary device. But try with an Android tablet and it refuses.

Multiple tickets and even a PR and the dev team seems to be giving less of a shit than ever.

I know there's only a few of us, but I refuse to use iOS devices (or non-rooted Android devices) and feel like a second class citizen.


wim-wac t1_j9zns33 wrote

What is the ownership % for Android tablets vs iPad I wonder? I sort of just assumed Android tablets were no longer a thing. Do they run android still or is it ChromeOS?


ant1992 t1_ja19il7 wrote

Just download the apk and install it manually