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YoureHereForOthers t1_j9xvnce wrote

There’s a UK law to lower it? Wtf. As a world community, IEEE, NIST,etc, We are quite literally in the final and post final stages of setting new encryption standards to replace AES and others BECAUSE they’re too week and outdated.


idontevenknowlol t1_j9xvvrc wrote

Interested in this space... What are the new standards we're heading into / already in / where are things going?


YoureHereForOthers t1_j9xxi65 wrote

NIST is the entity heading the crypto competitions, the two I’m aware of/contributed to on are Light Weight Crypto (LWC) for small embedded IoT devices and Post Quantum Crypto (PQC) for larger devices like computers and such aimed at securing our devices from quantum attacks that can easily break RSA and cut AES times in half.

The competition sites I know of

There are links to the remaining algorithms in the finalists/round 4 respectively.

CRYSTALS-DELITHIUM for pqc digital signature is already being used in some new specialized processor among a couple others. CRYSTALS-KYBER is likely to replace RSA.

Last I looked into it I think GRAIN-128 AEAD will be the new LWC alg.