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Sharknado4President t1_j9yhuc5 wrote

Public key cryptography allows decryption to anyone with the private key. Signal could modify the client app to transmit your private key to the UK government. Not sure what point you’re making here. It’s absolutely possible.


1wiseguy t1_ja1uvc9 wrote

The UK government is a vague organization.

Do you know who that is? Can you trust them with your information? Would you send them a copy of every message that you send anybody?

No, no, and no.


Sharknado4President t1_ja1ymcy wrote

Didn't say it was a good idea. Was simply refuting the parent post which said that encryption means nobody can read it.


1wiseguy t1_ja3aft4 wrote

There are 3 ways an adversary can read your encrypted message:

  1. Somebody gave them the key, either deliberately or by mistake.

  2. The algorithm is faulty or weak.

  3. The adversary has the resources to do a brute-force attack. That relates somewhat to #2.

All of these can be avoided, if you do it right. Sometimes people don't do it right.