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Prestigious_Push_947 t1_ja4max0 wrote

You're just speaking nonsense. You don't understand these concepts at all. I'm not sourcing anything for some high school kid who's taken one IT class and thinks they're hot shit b/c they know CIA. There are loads of people reporting "vulnerabilities" in Signal because the on-device data is trivially accessed. Signal's response is consistently and repeatedly that their intent is not to provide on-device security and that you should use FDE. This is a very easy Google search away for you.


ArcherBoy27 t1_ja4uvhh wrote

Great source, everywhere I could find didn't mention anything like that. You are giving me no reason to believe you.

No need to be aggressive, I asked for a source since I couldn't find one to match what you are saying.

Besides this has nothing to do with client side scanning, the reason signal said what they said, at all.

Forget it, I'm not spending time with someone that can't be civil.