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chamillus t1_j9uyfxr wrote

We should do the same for Facebook, Youtube, Google and Instagram. Willing to bet they're all beaming our data back to the US.


HeroldMcHerold OP t1_j9v6i3j wrote

How I am happy to see that people are finally realizing that everyone is on the same train, not just one social media.


Individual-Result777 t1_j9v59fv wrote

Never used TikTok but if it gets banned, other social media apps new bans or new rules on data. All apps have access to the same data on a device… TikTok isn’t hacking the system… everyone else is just loosing users to TikTok so now we get rules like this to protect North American social media platforms.


Bearet t1_j9yekga wrote

Ok so in Canada, a new law that requires your Internet Service Provider to hand over all activity you may have had to "authorities" without warrant and without any documentation. Your "In Private" or supposedly "anonymous" browsing must be made available to the "authorities" such as illegal activities as reading anti-Woke publications.


HeroldMcHerold OP t1_j9z04fc wrote

This has always been the same - never change in it and never will be!


AHardCockToSuck t1_j9wngl2 wrote

What data could they possibly collect that matters


wampa604 t1_j9tzidv wrote

meh. Tiktok, bereal, whatever -- people likely know these things are stealing their data / location info. Unless there are direct consequences for the individual, they don't care that their data's leaked. Hell, they're literally posting that data publicly on social media... cause they want to leak it to the public...