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Homie_Juannn_k3n0b1 t1_jabr93h wrote

Whenever I walk around downtown Madison wi at night the police have used drones to follow my movements many times. Lolol I don’t care tho, I jus keep doin my thang. It’s amazing what too much time and money can do to bored people with badges… I saw a drone following my movements during the BLM protests in Madison WI, and multiple times on other occasions. I actually first saw a drone in 2006 in Colorado at the National Rainbow gathering. That was far out. I thought it was a UFO in the distance but could zero in on it and see it was a drone. I have 20/13 vision so I could see it moving over the tree line from what seemed like over 2 miles away… anyone whose ever participated in as much civil disobedience actions as I have know that drones are the norm. They have been in use against civilian dissidents for a decade plus. Nothing new to anyone that has experienced the subjugation of the state apparatus… lololol


boarding209 t1_jabtkjc wrote

I've heard my local Walmart has this on anyone that goes in, they allegedly, track every single thing you do, I hate it but there's some things I can't get quick unless I go there