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GisterMizard t1_jab28fs wrote

At this rate, the US government is going to finish Half-Life 3 before Valve does.


uavmx t1_jac7t1a wrote

Wait, there's a HL 3 coming!?! Man to relive junior high video gaming....


lancelongstiff t1_jad662b wrote

Funny, it seems little more than a year ago that a US drone strike murdered seven innocent children and one adult in an embarassing case of mistaken identity.

Oh look, it was.


UsecMyNuts t1_jadfanc wrote

Article is paywalled but I’m going to make a funky guess and say that:

  • all people killed were brown
  • all vicrims were absolutely innocent
  • there were absolutely no consequences for anyone involved in the attack.

nerd4code t1_jadp1rf wrote

Well at least they won’t drone-bomb citizens, and I’m sure our top legal minds have firmly rejected the possibility!

What’s that? Both Obama and Trump killed citizens abroad sans trial (in absentia or otherwise), and Eric Holder refusing to rule out the idea is as much public debate as the notion got? Well at least we aren’t just recycling the same political whores who’ve been active in the government since the Nixon era, and the problem should fix itself.


thebaron512 t1_jad6dg1 wrote

I'll be happy if they finished the HL2 episodes.


Erazerhead-5407 t1_jab19g5 wrote

We are proud to say that our country has all the liberty and freedoms you want, all for the purpose of being spied on and having the accusatory finger pointed at you for whatever reason they deem necessary. This is security you can count on to put you away for good. Why, I feel safe already.


sector3011 t1_jab4gim wrote

law enforcement probably have facial recognition drones too, they already use these two tech separately.


DavidBrooker t1_jadl3lt wrote

Law enforcement have to scrimp and save, so they have to settle for facial recognition through CCTV instead.


rwwl t1_jabcavk wrote

Isn't most facial recognition software still trained on too many white faces and terrible at correctly identifying non-whites? If so... ugh, this is even worse than it seems.


slipsam t1_jabwg00 wrote

If it's specifically for spec ops and people on a specific shit list, it's probably not being used to identify your average yoghurt joe


Shisshinmitsu t1_jac6edj wrote

He's saying that the program's baked in bias will be why it accidentally kills the wrong person.


lycheedorito t1_jac2taj wrote

Until it's become defunct in the military and sold to local police force


MarkusTeak t1_jaayc8y wrote

Wait till the news drops about how all the FPS-games helped train the drones. It’s like an Uzi with a sniper-scope.


moses420bush t1_jab028d wrote

Bet Hitler wishes he had those


somethingisaskew t1_jab14kv wrote

So we need to walk around armed with anti drone weapons now? Just another new normal.


Homie_Juannn_k3n0b1 t1_jaby29l wrote

Hong Kong protests prove that particle lasers conjoined with other people with high beam hand held lasers are effective at dripping drones out the sky


MythReindeer t1_jabiu3x wrote

I’m creeping closer to “It is every citizen’s duty to carry a baseball bat and smash any drone they come across.”


wonderfulworld99 t1_jacascx wrote

Terminator level shit. It was bound to happen.


KeenK0ng t1_jabomrr wrote

Yeap, you're on a list.


Papanaq t1_jaccqm2 wrote

I bet it’s fail proof too…


why_so_evil t1_jacpepb wrote

Hypocrisy usa, saying about china


Sparpon t1_jad5z4y wrote

GQP already hiding in plain sight


[deleted] t1_jadirw9 wrote

Pair this with the Bing AI and now you have the beginnings of terminator.


MuchForever3033 t1_jadt554 wrote

> The Air Force’s provider is a Seattle-based firm, RealNetworks

Winning back RealPlayer market share one autonomous hunter killer at a time.


BabylonDrifter t1_jae10ec wrote

They put a slamhound on my tail in New Dehli, slotted it to my pheromones and the color of my hair. It caught up with me on a street called Chandri Chauk and came scrambling for my rented BMW through a forest of bare brown legs and pedicab tires. It's core was a kilogram of recrystallized hexegene and flaked TNT. I didn't see it coming.


jplebourveau t1_jae6onu wrote

Basically Minority Report less the future thought stuff. Lol. Fu€k


MalbecSwigs t1_jaevee4 wrote

Paid for by your own tax dollars


JJ4prez t1_jacg8vm wrote

I mean, this is not fun, but don't we give away our biometrics, facial recognition, voice recognitions, etc., with our smart phones on a daily basis? I'm sure the government has access to most of this information on a whim if they really need it.


CissMN t1_jabkfkt wrote

It's fighting crime. Would you not appreciate the rules and regulations...


Homie_Juannn_k3n0b1 t1_jabr93h wrote

Whenever I walk around downtown Madison wi at night the police have used drones to follow my movements many times. Lolol I don’t care tho, I jus keep doin my thang. It’s amazing what too much time and money can do to bored people with badges… I saw a drone following my movements during the BLM protests in Madison WI, and multiple times on other occasions. I actually first saw a drone in 2006 in Colorado at the National Rainbow gathering. That was far out. I thought it was a UFO in the distance but could zero in on it and see it was a drone. I have 20/13 vision so I could see it moving over the tree line from what seemed like over 2 miles away… anyone whose ever participated in as much civil disobedience actions as I have know that drones are the norm. They have been in use against civilian dissidents for a decade plus. Nothing new to anyone that has experienced the subjugation of the state apparatus… lololol


boarding209 t1_jabtkjc wrote

I've heard my local Walmart has this on anyone that goes in, they allegedly, track every single thing you do, I hate it but there's some things I can't get quick unless I go there


PEVEI t1_jab23cc wrote

Just remember that once you sift through the pearl clutching these announcements are always accompanied by, the slippery slopes to Terminator never do appear.