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CuppaTeaThreesome t1_jaedjxi wrote

Shame we didn't take the Energy Price Guarantee £50,000,000,000 and rather give our tax directly to energy companies who've made the most profit ever, invest in more wind and solar and live in a world where energy is free and we only had to pay a daily standing charge to maintain, invest in infrastructure.

Start with *free energy for the NHS £0.5bil saved. All over 65 *free energy. Then Schools, freeing up resources for councils.

All of this is possible, all engineering challenges and energy battery storage issues are known.

Yes it's a lot of HUGE turbines at sea and 600c Molten sand to keep. And lots of new problems. Nuclear energy contracts need to playout.

The £65bil tuss lost would have been handy too.

*FREE energy is subject to infrastructure cost and your personal usage allowance tariff. Like phone data costs, to prevent coin mining and other uses this badly thumb typed bored commuter drivel doesn't cover. My stop is here. Bye.