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HungryLikeTheWolf99 t1_ja1vpkl wrote

And so it begins.

Something/nothing creates the universe: eternity

Universe creates life: 9 billion years

Life creates intelligence: 4 billion years

Intelligence creates artificial intelligence: 100,000 years

Artificial intelligence creates life: 2 years


Vladius28 t1_ja1w9o6 wrote

Scary when you put it like that.


dungone t1_ja3mhnj wrote

Also dumb and untrue on many many levels.


iambluest t1_ja20776 wrote

Life is just life. It is what we do with this where it becomes a problem. Maybe, though, AI can solve the problems of human nature.


wedloxk t1_ja22vus wrote

Yhink we are human nature's problem


pancakeQueue t1_ja3oqzc wrote

When you solve human nature the result would no longer be human.


iambluest t1_ja4y75p wrote

Solving doesn't always mean eliminating something.


dubiousadvocate t1_ja3wxai wrote

Singularity leads to the first near infinite simulation, resulting in a nested Big Bang. And so the cosmic cycle continues.


xiodeman t1_ja20jk3 wrote

Artificial life creates new universe: 2 months?