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mrkvsenzawa t1_j9yo8yz wrote

Employee HR records.. yikes. Can be pretty damaging.


Frymewitheggs t1_ja07bvv wrote

And the Royal Mail International will continue to not pay them.


servia23 t1_ja0bnh5 wrote

Why not? i think it totally makes sense to pay those assholes and trust they will stop being assholes just because they promised. And of course they won't ask for more later on.
Right? Riiight?


sk8thow8 t1_ja0mp57 wrote

Probably not, actually. Their entire business model relies on people paying to unencrypt the files. As soon as they don't hold up their end of the bargain, they'll never be paid by anyone ever again.


servia23 t1_ja29njo wrote

You forget they have unencrypted sensitive data. The business is not only about unencrypting, it can also be about preventing the leak of the files themselves.
That's why it never makes sense to pay a ransom because they can eternally ask you for more to not release the files.


sk8thow8 t1_ja3pyxz wrote

And If you don't pay the ransom, it guarantees the files are released. How's that better?

Believe it or not, these large ransomware groups do release files and don't keep bleeding the same victims repeatedly. They make millions a year doing these ransoms. Like I said, they only get paid because they have a history of holding up their end of the deal. The first report that says LockBit group doesn't release the files or continues the ransom after payment will be the last ransom they're ever paid.


SomethingMatter t1_ja2xn5i wrote

And when business starts to dry up? They still have the data. You can’t pay them because that’s only kicks they can down the road.


Frymewitheggs t1_ja0ewm5 wrote

I especially find it funny that they have mixed up Royal Mail and Royal Mail international.