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sleepybrett t1_j9mhjup wrote

Many people live with others (The rent is too damn high), and maybe borrow each other's things including bikes and cars. Many of these bikes are cars may have hidden away in them. This will cause stalker alerts.

The best solution for this would be a feature that allows a user to 'accept the stalking tag as friendly' for some length of time. maybe with an occasional reminder.


bigsquirrel t1_j9mui08 wrote

Like every 24 hours? As it already does. How few notifications are some people getting on their phone that 1 every 24 hours is some burden. This is a first world problem to the Nth degree. According to google the average person gets 46 a day.


sleepybrett t1_j9my994 wrote

No like a month. It’s not annoying once, it’s annoying when it’s every damn day with no recourse.