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Eccentricc t1_ja8x5uc wrote

Shit company that modifies their language to make it sound better. They don't have workable 'FSD' and need to stop advertising as much


-DementedAvenger- t1_ja9073q wrote

They’re just going in quality tiers like TVs with “HD”…

720p “Self Driving”

1080p “Full Self Driving”

4K “Ultra Self Driving”

8K “Super Duper Ultra Self Driving”


josefx t1_ja9phtt wrote

No matter what shit Stadia claimed upscaling 144p to 4k does not count.


happyscrappy t1_jabrn2h wrote

Simultaneously Musk complains that the term "recall" should be changed because he thinks it is misleading when the fix is a software update.


Shredwards t1_jaaxr08 wrote

FSD drives me daily. Is it perfect? No. Is it great? Yeah. Is there anything like it on the market available to consumer? No. Not yet.


Iceykitsune2 t1_ja9yysl wrote

They literally call it a Beta. What more do you want?


DashDaddyD t1_ja9zjct wrote

For them to call it a zulu.


Iceykitsune2 t1_jaa141y wrote

It's currently going through a beta test, what's so confusing about that?

Oh wait I forgot, Musk Bad!


DashDaddyD t1_jaa3ao4 wrote

I think people are more upset the Full autonomy isn't actually full autonomy. It's more of a Co-pilot mode that still requires alertness. Personally, I didn't pay for it so I don't know how it works. But with the limited version that I do have it can be pretty unsafe at times when reading the road.


Iceykitsune2 t1_jaa3fmw wrote

>It's more of a Co-pilot mode that still requires alertness

Because it's still in beta. Tesla literally tells you this when you sign up.


DashDaddyD t1_jaaamjh wrote

To be fair 7 years is not "beta". This should have been called Alpha or something else. And to promise is to be finished in 2019 was a blatant lie.


Iceykitsune2 t1_jaabvyd wrote

>To be fair 7 years is not "beta".

What? The beta came out October 2020


Eccentricc t1_jab6z2c wrote

I love paying 10k to be a beta tester after paying 40k for the car that advertised FSD WOOOO