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whyreadthis2035 t1_ja30yv3 wrote

Yeah, I didn’t say wait. But for long term and stability, it should be part of the solution. It’s issues are those of an industry competing with fossil fuels. With governments fully supporting the industry instead of hindering it for the fossil folks under various guises, it needn’t be as cumbersome.


billdietrich1 t1_ja34kk0 wrote

No, nuclear inherently is a complex, ponderous, costly technology. Unless there's a major breakthrough and someone invents fusion-direct-to-electricity, no steam plant involved, nuclear will dwindle and become niche.


dalumbr t1_ja5m0ye wrote


That's what Helion is doing, planned for the end of 2024 to be fully productive, from running consistently at 10% as of December 2022


billdietrich1 t1_ja70mdd wrote

I think they're still at the "demonstrating that we can heat and contain plasma" stage, not any kind of energy production.