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LiberalFartsMajor t1_jaa5z5s wrote

Because a human must take action for it to occur. A human must direct the AI to do a task so the human behind the instructions is the true creator.

Humans don't need to be told what to do to be creative, we can choose to do it of our own free will.


monkeedude1212 t1_jaa76zi wrote

This seems like a real flimsy axiom to put the basis on.

Well I couldn't do anything without my parents having taken some action for me to exist, and they couldn't have done that without their parents, so is all original work actually belonging to the first semblance of life?

Or how about, my wife and I decided to buy a deck of cards for date night ideas, and one of the cards said that we should paint portraits of each other. Are the paintings original work of ours, or does that belong to the card creators who inspired us to do it?

If instructions are all that is required consider art not original work; then I really don't think we should give Michelangelo any credit for the Sistine Chapel. He was told to paint it by the Pope.


Snoo52211 t1_jaa69zq wrote

That's narrow minded


Snoo52211 t1_jaa6qh7 wrote

We don't even understand what "free will" is. So how can you say that it can't happen "artificially"? These conclusions are just wild guesses wrapped in a false certainty.


FourAM t1_jabmib4 wrote

Sky daddy says rocks weren’t created in his image