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Foe117 t1_j9e5wms wrote

It's not a court, its just a kangaroo trial for IP theft. Western Tech has long since avoided being designed in china, even if they do take the IP, its useless without the source code.


RoastPsyduck t1_j9egdyy wrote

^ this.

I think most western companies are using chinese labor and their relaxed environmental laws for the cheap/simple/hazardous stuff and keeping their secret sauce back home...if not, then they're even dumber than I thought


bitfriend6 t1_j9fzer6 wrote

They actually are that dumb and they'll continue being dumb until the CCP nationalizes their property, makes an alternative competing product, and begins selling it at Walmart. Only then will western companies respond and it'll be way too late. Americans will either be upset at the decreased amount of cheap offbrand TVs or be upset when certain products, like pre-DTV TVs, are discontinued. Especially for automobiles and smartphones, US firms cannot meaningfully leave without seriously harming themselves. GM cannot survive without China and China leverages this. GM would sooner attempt to sell badge engineered Chinese market vehicles to Americans then stop China from stealing their trade secrets, and Americans will be told to accept it as the price of living in a globalized world.