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iheartrms t1_jd4w2rx wrote

I hate the way this article uses the word "coder" instead of "programmer". It's an all too common trend. It is a diminuitive word which trivializes programming.


NormieChomsky t1_jd4y7b3 wrote

same with ‘tech bro’. It used to mean a specific (negative) type of tech worker, now it’s a catch all term for anyone in tech


Prototype555 t1_jd9sius wrote

Well I feel the same way now that programmers use Product Developer or Designer as a title. It's not like you can copy some lines of code from Stack Overflow and then you have a new Bluetooth speaker.


CalmLake999 t1_jd4wexy wrote

I've built an API and basic video game in it so far, building a boot loader for a custom OS now; it's alright but there's some bad design choices;

For example hidden types not listed in the imports etc; would be better if that was more explicit.

Also the docs for most of crates I've been using has been really terrible.


MammothJust4541 t1_jd6baf2 wrote

You program in Rust by opening it and then closing it because it won't let you program anything.

This is a joke about its safety features.


PoorlyAttired t1_jd6vx6f wrote

Their description of memory issues (tramples, uninitialized reads, leaks) is awful, but does anyone have any medium term experience beyond initially learning it? Am considering it for future work projects.