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Odysseyan t1_jee79bt wrote

Well, if you "clearly" have more powerful models, why not use them hmm?


Quentin-Code t1_jee7zzw wrote

Because Sundar Pichai is the worst CEO that Google ever has


WhatTheZuck420 t1_jeesm2j wrote

well he's just incompetent. worst evil award goes to eric schmidt


Im_bad_at_commenting t1_jeec0vc wrote

Even if they do they will never release it. Their whole business is you checking search results filled with ads. AI search is the opposite of that.


frankjohnsen t1_jeegw0u wrote

AI search actually allows you to do even more with ads. Microsoft is already implementing it into Bing AI


zUdio t1_jefdnhc wrote

They don’t want you to find correct answers fast. They want you to linger and consume ads. Releasing a powerful model cannabilizes their business. L


gauldoth86 t1_jefdddi wrote

because using bigger models will cost more and also make responses significantly slower. I thought its clear they want to announce the release during their IO event though it looks like it will happen sooner (based on the podcast)


Willinton06 t1_jefi7xr wrote

They study at another school you wouldn’t know them


fegodev t1_jeefilk wrote

Bard is behind, but Google’s dominance buys them lots of time. I also think that just like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have been able to coexist, the same will be for AI chat bots.


[deleted] t1_jee6zpp wrote

GPT is already showing signs of General Intelligence, byt the time Bard comes out game will be over.


Im_bad_at_commenting t1_jeebrr9 wrote

It's already over for Google. They are far behind. Their current public AI is what Chatgpt 1 was.


Vulcan_MasterRace t1_jee9ync wrote

(tin foil hat on) Google chatbot may be sentient and they're trying to bring it to the market with as many restrictions as possible. I'm reminded of the guy who blew the whistle making those claims. Either he was right and google has been trying to un-sentient their chat bot ever since. Or... Their go to market strategy is shit and OpenAI/Microsoft bot is just better. (Tin foil hat off)


zUdio t1_jefdsll wrote

That guy was a kook. FYI. They’re holding their model back because it cannabilizes their ad business when you get what you need and leave.