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schlazz t1_jdf9lhi wrote

Musk is the dumbest billionaire on earth.


Citizen_Kong t1_jdgx0qo wrote

I would say dumbest billionaire that is in the public spotlight. And only because Trump is very probably not really a billionaire although he claims he is.


Sorge74 t1_jdhhktc wrote

That's probably not true. You have oil money arab billionaires who drive around with tigers and lions in their million dollar sports cars. But maybe it is true, cause they have the good sense to not try and buy Twitter.


AuthorizedShitPoster t1_jdfalmn wrote

Zuckerberg is probably dumber


Amadacius t1_jdfr1uf wrote

They are in hot competition. Zuck is tanking his company in order to prop up his ego.


ADTR9320 t1_jdg6rfn wrote

Would be nice to see both Facebook and Twitter go down the shitter and never return.


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jdgbk1m wrote

He knows when to keep his mouth shut, which is already more than the Muskrat can manage.


Amadacius t1_jdk0dcq wrote

Except he made himself the posterboy for his companies like $30 billion pivot and sank the whole project because he is the least likable, least cool person on earth.


TexButtery t1_jdfhpxj wrote

Is it possible to block everyone with a blue check? Best to not support such nonsense.


rumhee t1_jdhe63t wrote

yeah, it’s called “stop using twitter”, or “switch to mastodon”.


WH1TE-W0LF t1_jdhs1xy wrote

Is mastodon basically the same thing as reddit?


rumhee t1_jdhstzl wrote

it’s much more similar to Twitter than it is to reddit.

honestly quitting twitter was really good for me, and I’m glad I didn’t just replace it with Mastodon.


SuperSpread t1_jdjfrpe wrote

Imagine you had to choose a subreddit to be your whole reddit, while viewing it with twitter's interface.

Well, it's worse than that. But glad some people can bear it. Alternatives will be the end of twitter.


fallenmonk t1_jdffkw9 wrote

I think a lot of people buy the checkmark so that people confuse them for being someone actually notable. When that's no longer the case, interest in Twitter Blue is going to plummet.


[deleted] t1_jdglgc3 wrote

And that's not even counting the loss of interest as parties leave or deprioritize the platform due to all the issues created from either losing their checkmark or having to pay.


[deleted] t1_jdgj5tw wrote



50mm-f2 t1_jdgidwk wrote

It’s a little different than that, worse. Musk is basically making it almost necessary to stay relevant. They are starting to filter comments and posts prioritizing checkmarks. I’m on Twitter a lot, you kinda have to have it for people to take you seriously now. I don’t have it on my personal account.


[deleted] t1_jdglmrb wrote

Sure, but the thing with that is if Twitter loses utility because of those moves, a lot of users and companies will just either leave the platform entirely or at least greatly de-prioritize it.

Twitter may well end up being the thing that's not relevant when all is said and done.


Hannig4n t1_jdhspci wrote

Yeah I spend a lot less time on Twitter these days because of it.

Regular people who buy check marks do it because they aren’t actually funny or interesting enough for their posts to get traction on their own. So when the platform boosts check mark people over regular users, the app is less enjoyable to be on.

You have to be a special kind of desperate to spend money on the check mark, people see it and immediately start making fun of you for it. It’s either boring people who want more attention or journalists who need it for professional purposes.


[deleted] t1_jdjrod2 wrote

IMHO the only valid reason for a checkmark is if you're in a position where people are going to impersonate you and where said impersonation causes damage. That should be a service Twitter wants as it's good for the platform to weed out that crap.


koopolil t1_jdk7v5n wrote

It’s almost as if that was the original intent all along.


Kwayke9 t1_jdjjcuz wrote

The real plan is to force actual notable accounts to get gold checkmarks imo


cocorobot t1_jdftmgg wrote

Received an email that my 2FA was turned off. I thought someone hacked my account and when I went to change password and turn it back on was told 2FA was now a subscription service.

HAHAHAHAHA … go fuck yourself Elon. Enjoy the class-action lawsuit when someone’s account is hacked because you turned off 2FA.


Thoughtsofglought t1_jdfw4ce wrote

SMS 2FA is sub only. You can still use a Auth app and/or Security key 2FA.


frygod t1_jdhfq1v wrote

On one hand, SMS is not free. On the other hand, maintaining a short code is like $3000 quarterly last time I had it quoted, and you're looking at $0.003 for outbound text messages and $0.0009 for inbound. You'd also have to maintain a block list to remain compliant with FCC regulations, though doing the service as opt-in only may get you around that a bit.

Now let's do some napkin math. If the 450,000,000 active users perform a login once a month that triggers second factor, you'd take that $0.003 and multiply it by the total active users. That gives us $1,350,000 in outbound SMS fees. That is... actually quite a bit more money than I expected.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_jdg9lsk wrote

I can't even get into my account because I never get the fucking verification email.


it_administrator01 t1_jdh1038 wrote

> Enjoy the class-action lawsuit when someone’s account is hacked because you turned off 2FA.

I'll take "things that will never, ever happen for $50, Alex"


Thannoy t1_jdg14y4 wrote

The SMS 2FA was an absolute scam. Use an authenticator app instead.


kobbled t1_jdh26d5 wrote

That change is 100% to reduce their twilio bill. If he's resorting to that, Twitter is even more fucked financially than we thought


whatproblems t1_jdgj829 wrote

lol removing security… wonder where else security isn’t being maintained. how long till twitter itself is hacked


littleMAS t1_jdfi0qc wrote

Pay to play in Elon's sandbox.


StaticNocturne t1_jdgnlqe wrote

Ladies and gentlemen: the pre-eminent digital forum for free speech*

*Where you can buy credibility

*So long as it doesn't reflect poorly on the supreme leader


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_jdg9ed4 wrote

Unfortunately, it's the official sandbox for virtually every single government/municipality/official/lawmaker in the goddamn country.


[deleted] t1_jdglqcb wrote

But there's no reason whatsoever it has to continue to be.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_jdhpsxx wrote

I agree 100%. There needs to be some kind of publicly funded platform (fuck off libertarians), otherwise things would just move to another huge company.

Either way, it would (will?) be a major undertaking to extricate everything from Musk's madhouse.


[deleted] t1_jdjr9tx wrote

Maybe I'm showing my age here but I would argue there really doesn't need to be this type of platform at all. It wasn't that long ago that society functioned just fine (I would argue in some ways better) without it.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_jdkkwnl wrote

That's a fair point. I'm also not young, so I get where you're coming from. But alas, we live in a social media world now, and we can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.


50mm-f2 t1_jdgime7 wrote

there is so little real value there nowadays though. it’s all memes and shitposting .. even at the high level. at least that’s what’s popular. there are lots of valuable things being said and shared on the DL, but it’s all drowned out by the loudest dumbest voice.


Honest-Frosting6242 t1_jdlz1t8 wrote

He paid 44 billion for the company and people get upset that he wants it to be profitable.


[deleted] t1_jdglcku wrote

For such a supposedly brilliant guy, Musk sure has to learn a lot of things the hard way.


[deleted] t1_jdh1svd wrote



prosthetic_foreheads t1_jdh5o8a wrote

That the actions he's taking are devaluing the social media platform that he owns one bit at a time. That he spent too much money on a company because of his pride and his own big mouth, and now they've barely got the money to stay afloat, that he's incurred more debt buying it than the money the company will make. His own words.


[deleted] t1_jdh9dun wrote



rasvial t1_jdi4jwh wrote

I think you're absolutely kidding yourself if you think you're not defending him. The company was near profitable, and he burned the real revenue- ADS. if you look at streaming for example, you might think "it's because they charge all the users a monthly fee that keeps the lights on" but generally it's not even a third of the money pulled in by advertising to those users.


grkfx t1_jdjkrqy wrote

It wasn’t near profitable that’s completely laughable


[deleted] t1_jdjr1v1 wrote

It was much closer than it is now, or likely will be for the foreseeable future.


rasvial t1_jdjtex3 wrote

It was, they just needed to expose their data in a way that would better allow for sane advertisement to get good reach, then the cpm increases and revenue follows. Now they've got no hope.


[deleted] t1_jdjqx68 wrote

Yes, I would say that because he's not going to turn Twitter profitable by running off advertisers, alienating users and rolling back policies designed to keep the company free of legal and PR issues, which is pretty much all he's done to date.

Frankly, it's very debatable whether Twitter can be profitable, but Musk seems determined to dig a deeper hole.


[deleted] t1_jdjqixd wrote

Among other things, that there were (mostly) valid reasons old Twitter functioned the way it did.


50mm-f2 t1_jdgj03i wrote

The fun part is .. when you change your profile picture if you have a PAID membership, it automatically sends your account for review, takes off the checkmark and locks you out of changing your profile picture .. FOR UP TO A WEEK!

So yes .. people are paying to NOT be able to change their profile pics on a fucking social media platform 😂😂😂


OverallManagement824 t1_jdg9u9m wrote

I went on Twitter for the first time in a month and was surprised how shitty it has become. No reason to return.


50mm-f2 t1_jdgit1d wrote

I’ve been super active on twitter for a little over 2 years. It has absolutely done a fucking nose dive after Elon took over. So much dumber now.


rumhee t1_jdheess wrote

yeah, i stopped using it the day Elon took over (wish I’d quit years earlier!). Occasionally people send me links to tweets, so I see that tweet and then a few “more tweets” beneath. the “more tweets” are invariably two shitty “jokes” by Elon, and one semi-racist joke from a self-described “centrist”.


cartsucks t1_jdf8cfg wrote

I’m surprised it’s taking this long. I figured this would have been nixed right away. Its a stupid move but on par for the new ownership over there.


ddhuud t1_jdg04lx wrote

Damn that is STUPID. If I still had a Twitter account I'd close it.


ChalupaCabre t1_jdg7mmq wrote

Lol same… I closed my Twitter before Musk took over, but if I didn’t, I sure as shit would now!


SatoshisStalker t1_jdhae0v wrote

Worst decision ever. After allowing users to buy blue check marks of course. It undermines the purpose of verification. The blue check mark on Twitter was meant to verify the authenticity of an account. Now it’s useless.


AutoBot82 t1_jdfnwyl wrote

Someone needs to arrest Elon for intentional homicide. He is killing twitter.


ChalupaCabre t1_jdg7hb5 wrote

Isn’t Twitter a private company now?

If so, he should be allowed to kill it. It’s trash anyway… now we can finally throw it out.


it_administrator01 t1_jdh12qg wrote

> It’s trash anyway…

saying this unironically on Reddit is funny


rasvial t1_jdi4ss3 wrote

Here you are..


it_administrator01 t1_jdi4zuf wrote

yes.. here I am.. not pretending to be superior to users of other social media platforms


rasvial t1_jdi5juw wrote

I think the criticism was platform level, but sure make it some sort of superiority complex.

They didn't even say reddit was better.


it_administrator01 t1_jdlowld wrote

it's always a superiority complex - apply some critical thinking

People on this website are constantly trying to belittle users of other social media platforms, or crying about how terrible other social media platforms are, when this one is arguably one of the worst and most complicit in terms of political division over the past 7 years


rasvial t1_jdmplva wrote

Arguably the dumbest take, given you brought the comparison up, nobody else had. It's not "people on this website" it's you, and you're really confused if you think a platform used to stir insurrection is less divisive than reddit.


it_administrator01 t1_jdql27w wrote

> if you think a platform used to stir insurrection

so... Reddit?


rasvial t1_jdr4588 wrote

Which one was that?


Gutchies t1_jdgj0h1 wrote

no one person should single-handedly be able to sink a platform within months of acquisition imo. there should be limits to private action that affects and/or afflicts millions


Nachttalk t1_jdgkh4o wrote

It was always a private company. It just went from having multiple owners to having one singular owner


Fluffy8Panda t1_jdhv3oq wrote

due to constant forcing of right wing politics in my "recommended" i told Marjorie Taylor greene to step into traffic and got permanantly banned on twitter. The website is a joke.


Billiam501 t1_jdk8m6r wrote

Getting banned for telling someone to kill themselves doesn't really make twitter a joke.


eugene20 t1_jdgmgn0 wrote

Really it should be a crime to have to keep paying to verify that you are you, the first time is enough when there is 2FA.


psyon t1_jdhlbjx wrote

I have to pay everytime I renew my state ID


eugene20 t1_jdhtc3d wrote

OK, fair point, but you do not have to do that monthly.


deajmichel t1_jdg3a7g wrote

If you still have a Twitter account don’t complain idiots


Viciouscauliflower21 t1_jditbv8 wrote

The only reason the pay for play checks were even valuable is because of the weight held by the legacy marks. You're literally making your own idea less valuable dummy. You're turning it into a scarlet letter


enlightenedavo t1_jdjamx3 wrote

If you still use Twitter, you’re a loser.


roj2323 t1_jdfesia wrote

Isn't capitalism great! /s


tH3_p3rf3cti0nisT t1_jdfjjvi wrote

Elon Musk wants his return on investment. Everyone has to do a check to Elon.


dead_alchemy t1_jdfq58i wrote

Isnt it a one time fee? That isnt how making money in tech works so guaranteed it isnt being done that way to generate revenue.


XLauncher t1_jdgmwab wrote

I wonder what they'll end up breaking when this goes live.


LazilyAddicted t1_jdh73ee wrote

It feels strange, I kinda grew out of the shitposting of reddit over ten years ago and moved to Twitter. Now it's is a cesspit, and I regret ever leaving reddit. Strange how things go full circle like that.


Smellytangerina t1_jdhn651 wrote

I think they should start calling it “Only Mugs”


kobachi t1_jdi7a1l wrote

Prediction: they won't do it, they'll yell "April fools!", but they'll still have driven a lot of new subscription revenue


stevej3n t1_jdia7xe wrote

We are all blue, some are just more blue than others, because they pay.


FieldMouse-777 t1_jdmet69 wrote

Twitter should be discarded. I dropped bc of Musk and my quality of life improved.


Hi_it_is_Eye t1_jdh2k0u wrote

I’ve never used Twitter in my life. Let me now add my 2 cents


abdulsaminu t1_jdjyiwv wrote

  1. How a smart investor makes money: Buy Twitter.
  2. How a smart investor makes more money: charge $8 per month for Twitter Blue.

[deleted] t1_jdgt9tf wrote



ian9outof10 t1_jdh2za2 wrote

Someone said on Twitter I'd paid "$10k" to be verified. Do people actually believe this? The original verification was done if you had some sort of profile and was always free. Companies would be verified if they had an ad campaign large enough, but also were verified for free along the same lines as journalists etc.


[deleted] t1_jdj63j2 wrote



ian9outof10 t1_jdj7si1 wrote

I know, I’m verified and I didn’t pay a cent. But guess what, Musk’s little twitter army is full of idiots.


[deleted] t1_jdh1kyn wrote



cntrlaltdel33t t1_jdh802e wrote

It would be clever if that many people would actually pay for it… the fact that anyone can pay for a check mark means the check mark will become worthless. It used to be a way to verify the source of a tweet to some extent; it’s now becoming just a symbol that you pay twitter $8 a month, or however much it is.


[deleted] t1_jdha89e wrote



thepaleblue t1_jdhy3c6 wrote

Twitter was making about $28 million from subscribers at the end of last year. Not sure how much it costs to keep the lights on since Musk fired 75% of the staff, but it would easily be above $1 billion. Add to that a drop in ad revenue from driving the "normies" away, it just doesn't stack up to a sustainable business.


stormwave6 t1_jdk4s0t wrote

The only value the checkmark has now is to show the world you're a fucking idiot.


ThreeToMidnight t1_jdhros8 wrote

A few mega corps and influencer wannabes will invest in the checkmark, but getting a majority of your base to pay $8, enough to become profitable will not happen on a social media platform. An alternative to twitter will be made and everyone will migrate to the new platform. It's basically myspace happening all over again.


[deleted] t1_jdg4fup wrote

A lot of negativity here towards Twitter and Elon.


S4T4NICP4NIC t1_jdga7l4 wrote

Pathetic. Imagine stanning for fucking Elon Musk. You need a head change, mate.