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rasvial t1_jdi5juw wrote

I think the criticism was platform level, but sure make it some sort of superiority complex.

They didn't even say reddit was better.


it_administrator01 t1_jdlowld wrote

it's always a superiority complex - apply some critical thinking

People on this website are constantly trying to belittle users of other social media platforms, or crying about how terrible other social media platforms are, when this one is arguably one of the worst and most complicit in terms of political division over the past 7 years


rasvial t1_jdmplva wrote

Arguably the dumbest take, given you brought the comparison up, nobody else had. It's not "people on this website" it's you, and you're really confused if you think a platform used to stir insurrection is less divisive than reddit.


it_administrator01 t1_jdql27w wrote

> if you think a platform used to stir insurrection

so... Reddit?


rasvial t1_jdr4588 wrote

Which one was that?