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LifeIsNotFairOof t1_jcshahr wrote

Qualcomm is aiming 2000+ gb5 minimum which is not m1 level, many reports are already there of it being very much better than m1 series and a lil bit better than m2. They are not ofc releasing an ultra competitor but just the base and pro version and ofc the m3 will be better since it will use 3nm vs Qualcomm which decided to use 4nm due to cost.


DBDude t1_jctp25a wrote

What we know of it so far looks about like an M1. It’s unlikely it will match an M2, and it will show up on the market after the M3 (not just a few months). Don’t they know you’re supposed to lead a target? They aimed at two years behind.

Their big problem will be heat. Apple’s M are throttled by heat in small devices, and so will theirs. If you see a big score, find out what kind of device it was on. Don’t compare a desktop Q chip with an Apple laptop or tablet.


LifeIsNotFairOof t1_jcxvmwg wrote

"what we know of it so far" source? gb5 2000+ at similar power levels fo m1 was the roadmap first created by nuvia even before they got acquired by qualcomm, there are many leaks about very high potential scores. Also its definitely wayy more than m1, even the arm cortex x4 sampling in 8 gen 3 mobile processor with mobile power limit and gimped cache scores 1800+gb5 which is higher single than m1 with stock arm cores. No way in hell nuvia custom cores will be scoring as much since even x4 with higher caches and clock speed for laptop will easily hit 1900 gb5 single