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wizardstrikes2 t1_je0exhe wrote

Nobody is forced to work for Apple or any company.

If you don’t like the ethics of the business, it is very simple, don’t work for them. Stop buying and using their products.

Choice is a powerful thing.


fireky2 t1_je18piu wrote

"simply shit your pants for the shareholders"


wizardstrikes2 t1_je1905m wrote

Shareholders don’t care if you shit your pants. If you don’t like your job, quit. It can’t get any easier than that.


braiam t1_je1wefr wrote

This is a big fat lie. People can't select where they work in, since big companies have monopsonies and current economic conditions do not allow small competitors to exist.


wizardstrikes2 t1_je1yrzq wrote

That may be possible in some countries but for the majority of the world, people have a choice.

There are currently approximately 400 million small businesses in the world. Though it’s difficult to know precisely how many small businesses there are worldwide right now, Global Naps estimates sit around 400 million, with new businesses joining every day.

Just in the US there were a record 10 million job openings.. The U.S. Has More Individually Owned Businesses than Corporations. Today, there are 1.7 million traditional C corporations, compared to 7.4 million partnerships and S corporations, and 23 million sole proprietorships.

People would rather complain than fix themselves.


braiam t1_je2eio1 wrote

Ask friends and family when was the last time they discussed salary with their co-workers and how often they do. It is very likely that the answer surprises you.


wizardstrikes2 t1_je2erfz wrote

I would give them the same advice. If you are unhappy with your job find a new one.