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Rohit901 t1_jcarred wrote

Google has mostly been transparent most of the time and has published lot of groundbreaking AI research to the public thus advancing the field. OpenAI on the other hand seems to be closed source and trying to compete directly with Google. Maybe in future, Google might not be willing to make its research public if things go like this and we don’t want power to be concentrated in a single company or person. Thus I hope we are able to get better open source models


Transmatrix t1_jcayko9 wrote

Well, if anything, a company with the word “Open” in their name should probably be a bit more open source…


kane49 t1_jcb27aj wrote

Hahah OpenAI is the worst name that company could ever have.

Its not open source and for profit, nothing Open about it


dlpettit t1_jcb8oa4 wrote

Being openly greedy


Rohit901 t1_jcbp1pl wrote

Lmao ahaha, but at the end of the day all the companies are XD