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crusoe t1_jegc0hx wrote

If you have TB of storage, which Google lets you pay for, that means you can't use most of it, at MB per file...

Google premium offers 2TB, 5 million files means every file needs to be at least 500k to make full use of it.


Obsidiath t1_jegfvpc wrote

People tend to vastly overestimate the file size of simple text-based files. Sure, 5 million files take up a LOT of space if it's all uncompressed photo or video files.

Assuming uncompressed text, using (mostly) exclusively Latin characters, 500k is already ~ 100.000 words.

The Hobbit is less than 100.000 words. The complete Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit Included, is around 560.000 words.

5 million files is nothing when you're storing plain old text files. Won't even be remotely close to 2TB, which is 2 million Megabytes, or between 3 to 4 million times the total word count of Lord of the Rings.