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Tbone_Trapezius t1_jdmkxz9 wrote

Can we please stop calling situations like this war, I know it’s only to generate clicks, is there a filter setting to block hyperbole on Reddit? Yeah, I know there won’t be much content left.


nopower81 t1_jdpr3l5 wrote

Yeah ur right, I guess 38 yrs working in a world wide call center, world wide data processing center and the global money processing center handling profits into the low billions would leave a person with no telecommnications, fiber optic and multiple mainframe computers and their support servers and the UPS systems and generator systems supporting it all, yeah no knowledge at all


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Independent_Buy5152 t1_jdm9jgh wrote

Do you even read the article?


lori_lightbrain t1_jdmex5i wrote

redditors/americans never read articles and the media knows it. so headlines are generated to to push the narrative they want even if the contents of the article contradict it (america using bribes and threats to try and control the undersea data pipeline industry)


cookingboy t1_jdmbvkl wrote

> if you can’t co operate with other nations ..

What’s the definition of “cooperate” and the definition of “other nations” here?

If by “cooperate” you mean “do everything the US says like a good client state” and by “other nations” you mean the U.S and our closest allies, then yes, I would agree with you.

But if you go beyond that, the US will do everything to sabotage China’s relationship with other countries because we cannot let our hegemony be threatened by a rising global power.

For example, did you know that Israel and China always had a great relationship, so much so Israel was selling weapons tech to China until U.S stepped in and forced Israel to stop by threatening to sanction them, our closest ally in the Middle East?

China literally just brokered a historical agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to restore diplomatic ties, thus lowering the risk for conflict in the region. But I bet you haven’t heard of that because such news tend to be downvoted in our echo chamber these days.

Either way, if you are really interested in this topic, travel a bit to some other places in the world other than Western countries and you’d suddenly realize the world view for most of the planet’s population is very different than that of the West.

The West is in an enviable position today because we hold most of the world’s wealth and power with a small portion of the population because we pillaged the whole world for a good few centuries. But it’s beneficial to go out of this bubble and get some different perspectives.


sorrynoreply t1_jdm57mv wrote

And america does? Their solution to anything is war. War abroad and war within.


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cookingboy t1_jdmaqyo wrote

> Yes but at least they do ‘some’ policing and integration and keep the peace.

Our CIA literally overthrow a democratically elected government in South America and installed a dictatorship for the profit of one of our fruit companies for fuck’s sake.

Yes we do policing to insure our national interest.

And “keep the peace”? Were you being sarcastic since we are “celebrating” the 20th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion?

> Look what’s happening in Africa, local business is replaced with Chinese only working ones.

The impact of Chinese investment in Africa has multitudes of effects, most of them complex and there are good things and bad things that come out of them. But at the end of the day many countries still benefit overall from influx of capital and the amount of infrastructure that was built over the years wouldn’t be there without the Chinese investment.

For example a large portion of Africa now has access to internet due to the Chinese building cellular tower infrastructures. They are a continent that skipped PC and went straight to smartphones + mobile internet.

In contrary, what has the Western countries done for Africa during the period they were far wealthier and more influential than China is today?


peadith t1_jdmfnd6 wrote

The networking infrastructure is undoubtedly beneficial but I wonder about the ecological quality of the mining and extraction business going in. Is China really trying to improve Africa or just move their dirty stuff to a poorer place. Will it all get maintained and will China make sure everyone gets paid as promised? That remains to be seen.


cookingboy t1_jdmmi4n wrote

> Is China really trying to improve Africa or just move their dirty stuff to a poorer place.

Both. China wants allies in the global south and it would benefit them if those allies get stronger economically, especially if they do so with China’s help.

Same reason with the U.S Marshall plan after WW2 right? We wanted to help the Europeans to recover, but a big reason is so we can have strong allies to fight against the Soviets.


peadith t1_jdmnpr2 wrote

I don't think African nations are really all that interested in Chinese politics. I'm sure they're looking closely at the development promised. As you well described, they know how it's been worked in the past.


ModsGropeKids t1_jdom5ht wrote

Russia can tell them how the U.S responds to underwater infrastructure...


Serious_Ad4950 t1_jdnm320 wrote

The Pentagon is attempting to set several stages towards war. They are inextricable from the military industrial complex and the machine demands more money for more breakthroughs.


Disastrous_Ball2542 t1_jdo8f5q wrote

US gov needs to set up another way to ask for money after Ukraine gets cut off... enter big bad China


nopower81 t1_jdliu1b wrote

Elon is laughing all the way to the bank, who needs cables when you have satellites


kariam_24 t1_jdm5x5o wrote

You have no idea how Telcos and Starlink are connecting.


nopower81 t1_jdm8mfo wrote

So tell me how, as I thought it was through microwave up and down links, and RF links


Independent_Buy5152 t1_jdm92u4 wrote

Traffic from the satellites need to be relayed by gateways so that it can be routed towards the Internet. Basically Starlink users still need the current internet backbone in order to browse reddit


nopower81 t1_jdmbr0g wrote

That's what I said, soon all trafic will be transmitted wirelessly across the entire earth, the only problem with that is the amount of RF energy being beamed everywhere, google "antennas near me" or "microwave transmitters near me"


bigjojo321 t1_jdmhs71 wrote

No it really won't, and no one is proposing this.

A Hard-lined network is going to remain faster, cheaper, and more practical for decades.


kariam_24 t1_jdr4p09 wrote

Just like you ignored in other replies, internet is basicly all fiber, what you are mentioning are just access network that connect you to your provider.

Starlink which have fiber network (look at ground stations instead of being ingorant), even without ground stations they would have to connect to other providers.


jmarmorato1 t1_jdnodwc wrote

You don't know anything about networking or physics. The amount of data you can send down a single optical fiber is orders of magnitude greater than what you can send over a satellite link, and has less latency than a satellite link. As our bandwidth requirements continuously increase, our demand for fiber grows. The only thing satellite internet is replacing is shitty last-mile DSL and other copper infrastructure. All of the central-office equipment needs fiber because of its bandwidth capabilities.


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CerealGane t1_jdmrypz wrote

The only reason China is even remotely successful is because of the US protecting global trade and Chinese theft of American IP.


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ActualAddendum2223 t1_jdow4qt wrote

O the irony of your comment have you seen China’s emissions on the world stage compared to the U.S. Let alone the fact that the U.S infrastructure is far and away better than China’s.


bigjojo321 t1_jdmjq7n wrote

What are you talking about, this article is about the US using its influence to get a contract to lay new trans oceanic fiber cables from Singapore to France.