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Separate-Effective77 t1_jcvid1l wrote

Seems like laptops are the now most used with their keyboards and pointing devices. Might just be the field I work in though.


CocodaMonkey t1_jcw55wj wrote

Laptop use varies quite a bit. Some people won't touch a desktop thinking of them as old tech but with work from home most people like to setup an extra monitor and sometimes a wireless keyboard and mouse. Essentially you have a lot of "laptop" users who may as well have a desktop because they have so much extra plugged in it's essentially stationary anyway.

As far as this product goes though I don't think it matters too much. No reason you couldn't just mount it over the laptop screen. The device is about 7" tall so you'd have to push it to about 14" but that should still be close enough to get plenty of heat.


bitemark01 t1_jcvmjrt wrote

Actually it makes me think laptops should have an option to vent heat out of the top if you want to warm your hands. You'd need to redirect it if someone wants to run it with the lid closed, and some type of water catch in case of spills.


CocodaMonkey t1_jcw5gbm wrote

I already know plenty of people who consider their laptop vents a hand warmer. They plug in a mouse and specifically use it right beside the vents.

I've even seen people complain when dirty laptops were cleaned which made the fans work better and thus their hand warmer less efficient since it was now blowing cooler air.


bitemark01 t1_jcw80r2 wrote

As a tech person, this comment is a rollercoaster of emotions