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twoscoop t1_jcvcmn1 wrote

For 170 bucks, ill put my hands in my pants


Bubbagumpredditor t1_jcvcwyl wrote

What exactly are you typing with then?

Eidt: then insted of them.

But i guess either works.


Skippyazumuni t1_jcxbb2i wrote

u/abildsan you really shouldn't self advertise your products on subs without letting people know you manufacture it.

You haven't made clear here that this is infact your product.


Abildsan OP t1_jcxdzqi wrote


The product, the hand heater on the picture, is mine.

The technology with focused IR LED is not mine - But I think, that not many have realised the benefits of using this technology for comfort heating. Those ideas are shared in this article.

The article is not mine. They have asked me for material like pictures, and they have asked med about safety for which I have replied.


Skippyazumuni t1_jcxk2x4 wrote



You know what, I just realised im havin a go at a guy just tryna to get his product out there.

Work out the kinks and i hope your heater takes off.

best of luck, And i am sorry for bein a grump.


GhostofDownvotes t1_jcwx2tm wrote

It’s a really weak IR heater you put on a desk. Sounds like a Kickstarter thing that a small fraction of the population thinks they need. Does it really merit a post? You guys have never seen an IR heater?


Separate-Effective77 t1_jcvid1l wrote

Seems like laptops are the now most used with their keyboards and pointing devices. Might just be the field I work in though.


CocodaMonkey t1_jcw55wj wrote

Laptop use varies quite a bit. Some people won't touch a desktop thinking of them as old tech but with work from home most people like to setup an extra monitor and sometimes a wireless keyboard and mouse. Essentially you have a lot of "laptop" users who may as well have a desktop because they have so much extra plugged in it's essentially stationary anyway.

As far as this product goes though I don't think it matters too much. No reason you couldn't just mount it over the laptop screen. The device is about 7" tall so you'd have to push it to about 14" but that should still be close enough to get plenty of heat.


bitemark01 t1_jcvmjrt wrote

Actually it makes me think laptops should have an option to vent heat out of the top if you want to warm your hands. You'd need to redirect it if someone wants to run it with the lid closed, and some type of water catch in case of spills.


CocodaMonkey t1_jcw5gbm wrote

I already know plenty of people who consider their laptop vents a hand warmer. They plug in a mouse and specifically use it right beside the vents.

I've even seen people complain when dirty laptops were cleaned which made the fans work better and thus their hand warmer less efficient since it was now blowing cooler air.


bitemark01 t1_jcw80r2 wrote

As a tech person, this comment is a rollercoaster of emotions


Ok-Gate6899 t1_jcxhcth wrote

The price is inflated by like 10X


GhostofDownvotes t1_jcxjvvg wrote

For real. This is the first hit on Best Buy. You can burn hear your hands, your face and your cat with this. At the same time.

You can probably also get some no-name version that does 100% the same thing from Amazon for 20 bucks.


OverallManagement824 t1_jcwdzzx wrote

Invented by bosses to keep your hands on the keyboard and typing at all times. I like it, but haha too.


Fermented_Discharge t1_jcws3dk wrote

Tipless gloves can be found for as low as 3 or 5 dollars.


GhostofDownvotes t1_jcxjll5 wrote

I don’t know what’s worse at this point, OP’s product or sitting at home in gloves. Thanks for taking it for the team and freezing yourself to death in winter though.


Glittering_Power6257 t1_jcyfajv wrote

Is there much of a point in using LEDs for this purpose? Incandescent lights are actually super efficient at producing IR. As a bonus, you can underdrive the filament, producing even more IR (vs visible light) and massively extend the life. At this point though, you pretty much have a heating element.


phdoofus t1_jcynsyz wrote

If my hands are cold the rest of me probably is as well so not sure why this is a thing that's needed unless it's for someone with some kind of circulation problem? This looks like a solution in search of a problem


peadith t1_jcw5idc wrote

Lay off the caffeine and nicotine and you won't have such poor circulation in your fingers. The IR diodes are kinda new and cool but otherwise this is another plugged in gadget.