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jonhasglasses t1_jc70rwx wrote

Ummmmmm, are we just blowing right past “should we” to see if “could we” might work? I’m sure we will revisit “should we” once we figured out it’s possible I’m sure. Right?


HildemarTendler t1_jc71hs7 wrote

We've had that conversation and its a resounding yes. Giving people a better life from their first moments is a no brainer.

You're probably more focus on the weird things like making kids taller or whatever. Rich people are going to do rich people things. We'll see how that works out.


Cutecumber_Roll t1_jc9pu93 wrote

We've been having the should we discussion for thousands of years. Why would we not choose to self select desirable traits for our species?


Deranged40 t1_jc7bzbv wrote

Why shouldn't we?

If given the chance to "Play god", I'm going to. Easy choice.

e: Can you not make a well formed answer to "Why shouldn't we?"


Strazdas1 t1_jcadz0o wrote

No, we already answered "Should we" with "yes" long ago.