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Ronny_Jotten t1_jckoq84 wrote

Lol. This is an excerpt from the 1970 spoken-word piece Whitey on the Moon by hall-of-famer Gil Scott-Heron. It's one of the most famous and well-respected poems of the "space age". It's unfortunately still topical today, with white billionaires in a pissing match to see which can get their rocket-powered cocks up first, while regular folks are becoming homeless by the thousands every day because their rent has doubled. Think you can work at Bezos' Amazon warehouse and afford basic food and shelter, let alone health care? Good luck. Some people might say that the idea of a moon base, with a Rolls Royce nuclear reactor, sounds a bit hard to swallow, under the circumstances.


PurpEL t1_jcn5mq8 wrote

Can't we finally just have a racially diverse selection of billionaires to exploit and fuck the rest of us!?

Black, white, whatever, the ruling class is the real enemy and we need to wake the fuck up and band together to take them off their thrones.


lhl274 t1_jcmo40g wrote

Just update it to Tribe Called Quests space program, nobody knows who Gil is any more. It wasn't televised, you know...