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vorpal_potato t1_jcqbj30 wrote

I read a book in which the obliteration of all life on earth from the Chicxulub asteroid was averted by ancient kung fu wizard dinosaurs. Equally realistic!


waluigishoe t1_jcr2r3m wrote

hey i didn’t say it was a realistic, science based book. media like movies and books often make anything having to do with the words “nuclear reactor” out to be dangerous, or just a generally negative portrayal so a fantasy disaster isn’t a far out thing to associate it with in those contexts


vorpal_potato t1_jcrctkq wrote

Fair enough. :-) Some day I'd love to see someone subvert the trope and show realistic nuclear reactor failure modes, like "some little non-critical thing breaks, causing the reactor to automatically shut down, and then the operators start grumbling about 'xenon-135 transients' and what a hassle it'll be to start the damn thing back up again."