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wambulancer t1_jap3paj wrote

what, exactly, about the way our society, systems, and economy is set up says "oh hell yea install a computer in my brain this will have no bad outcomes"


recon89 t1_japoozw wrote

Gotta find a guinea pig somewhere, I mean they already tested real pigs.. now they need to test other pigs. I mean people. Can they implant Elon as a test? Clone him first obviously, they need a backup at least.


Wakkoooo t1_jaqdqds wrote

The neuralink subreddit is filled with guinea pigs, it's insane lol


jampapi t1_jaq5871 wrote

I think a backup Elon (or a fleet of them) is exactly why he’s doing this. That old idiom about a man and his wealth (“you can’t take it with you”) may be nearing its expiration date. Imagine Elon-droids still utilizing that fortune 200 years from now, on Mars, in space, fistfighting Bezos-bot, the possibilities are endless


Washout22 t1_jaq5h0k wrote

Sweet! Mars robot boxing. Judging by their space companies, I'll take Elon.

Bezos is likely lex luthor.


moses420bush t1_jaq5qv2 wrote

They'll open a facility in some country with terrible regulations.


josefx t1_japxi0s wrote

The good news is that this is neuralink we are talking about. With the amount of monkey brains they went through the most likely outcome is a painful death, not eternal enslavement to twitter.


RaccoonProcedureCall t1_jaqjl6r wrote

Yeah, I get the excitement there is for this tech, but it seems to me that even the slightest scrutiny reveals grave risks at practically every level from immediate health hazards to potential societal problems. I think there are some non-technological challenges that really ought to be addressed before we consider incorporating this kind of technology into our lives.


1015267 t1_jas552d wrote

The fact that we don’t have a miracle cure that can cure neurons?