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Mront t1_jbvatob wrote

I mean, they had "one icon per app" grouping in Windows 7, but sure


HappyThumb55555 t1_jbvmwwg wrote

I use separate taskbar buttons for every open window every day on every desktop in win10 and server 2012. Did they screw that up in 11? I tried 11 for a few days and didn't like it.

Can you drag and drop stuff onto apps in the taskbar in win11? I seem to recall that being broken as well...

A hell of a work in progress.

They also need to strip out anything that restricts 11 running on "old" hardware.

Let me decide on my own security stance, thanks.


CocodaMonkey t1_jby0yyv wrote

They did but you could turn it off which most power users do. With Windows 11 so far they don't let you turn off grouping, it's mandatory.