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Hrmbee OP t1_jdwik9g wrote

>Neuralink has been claiming human trials are just around the corner for years now. However, the company hasn’t yet gotten U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to put its brain computer interface (BCI) devices inside human skulls. In fact, it only filed its first application for such approval in 2022—despite Musk publicly claiming human tests were forthcoming in 2019, according to another Reuters investigation. The FDA denied the company’s first bid for human trial approval last year, according to that early March report. > >Yet that rejection doesn’t necessarily mean Neuralink won’t eventually reach the human trial stage on its extremely ambitious quest to cure a wide array of ailments and disabilities—from blindness to paralysis—with its brain implant. That the company is still actively searching for an institutional partner for conducting human procedures suggests that Musk and other Neuralink execs remain confident in their device’s path forward. > >Gizmodo reached out to Neuralink for more information, but did not receive a response as of publication time. As with Musk’s other companies, like Twitter and Tesla, Neuralink almost never replies to journalist inquiries. Barrow Neurological Institute also did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s emailed questions. > >To Reuters, however, a director from the Arizona treatment and research center said that Barrow would be well-equipped to conduct brain implant research along the lines of what Neuralink is hoping to do.

It will be interesting to see what these particular developments might be, It looks like these partnership explorations are in advance of the regulatory approvals that have so far been denied to the company. And in light of the various investigations underway regarding their practices, it seems that at least in the near term that permission might not be forthcoming at least in the United States.


Skippyazumuni t1_jdwowbw wrote

"that have so far been denied to the company"

there is a very good reason they have been denied.


Fenweekooo t1_jdwsjdm wrote

sooo whats the worst that would happen if they just did the whole "better to ask forgiveness then permission" rout and just did it anyways?

a fine that wont put a dent in their bank account?


erosram t1_je04gmc wrote

What’s the worst that could happen?