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i_am_covered t1_jdcvm4d wrote

Sure it did. At $100 a pop when it was a $40k truck and the only EV option. Call me when they sell one.


BeyoncesmiddIefinger t1_jdem6rn wrote

You do realize the lightning also went up like $16,000 in price in just a few months, right? Lucid, rivian, ford, kia, Hyundai, all raising prices this is nothing new. As much as the lightning has jacked up it’s price I still see overwhelming positive reviews about it. I think you’re overestimating how much a cybertruck price increase will actually hurt it’s demand. What are the other EV trucks to even choose from in the price range?


i_am_covered t1_jdenzzs wrote

Yeah I’m sure being the same price as a normal F150 and having zero competition had nothing to do with it. It’s also not coming out so it’s utterly irrelevant also.


cliffski t1_jdf4199 wrote

so the texas factory and the thousands of employees working on it now, and the twin 9 thousand ton gigapresses are all imaginary right? People spun the same bullshit about the model 3, saying it would never get built. Turns out...they build quite a few of them.


i_am_covered t1_jdf87wt wrote

Yep. It’ll be pushed back again and again and again and eventually they’ll release something that looks nothing like the cyber truck called the Model Tee and it’ll be fine. The cyber truck, like the roadster, will be lost to history.


Bensemus t1_jdit1dd wrote

Tesla has zero history of doing this. You have nothing to base your claim on.


i_am_covered t1_jditqv5 wrote

They have zero history of launching a truck also. I’m sure it’ll come. All in good time. A year here, three years there.


Badfickle t1_jdcxolq wrote

That's true. They will undoubtedly raise the price considerably to start with and not even offer the cheapest version. They can do that because the demand is high and they will be supply constrained at first and can make more profit off the higher end versions. Prices could be in the 80k-90k range and I would not be at all surprised to see them reach 30-40% margins once they hit volume production.