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Western-Image7125 t1_jdde095 wrote

Ok yeah sure I don’t know much about the topic cuz I don’t have an EV but wanna get one someday. It’s just what I hear from people. What brands do you recommend?


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c0mad0r t1_jddohvu wrote

> I really love the EV6 for the price though, it's the value pick.

I sincerely love my 2022 EV6 Wind that I got last June. It's intuitive, easy to use, gets a solid 270+ miles of city driving per charge, drives like a car or an EV depending on the setting and can outrun any rice burner or lamborghini when needed (I live in SoCal and have done this to a Tesla Model S, Subaru WRX, my neighbors' Lotus and a maserati granturismo).

My only issues with it thus far are:

  • Small rear view window makes it hard to see behind you at times
  • The toggle button between environment controls and media controls is annoying, but voice commands help
  • The steering wheel buttons like "Mode" or "star" programmable buttons don't always stay and reset to factory defaults
  • The HUD doesn't have programmability
  • It's impossible to disable the warning system that beeps when there's a car in your blindspot or you're changing lanes without using your blinker

Superficial stuff mostly. I've taken my vehicle in once to the dealership so far... to get a nitrogen refill on the tires. That's it.


Badfickle t1_jde5945 wrote

I actually went to go buy an EV6 last summer. The test drive was great and I was ready. Then the stealer wanted $11k over msrp. NOPE.

The stealership was even even trying to sell a low mileage used EV6 for $11k over MSRP of new and pretended that they didn't know a used car didn't qualify for the $7500 tax credit.