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m0le t1_jaudc8q wrote

"For the last time, we're not a search company. We're an adtech and creepy dystopian panopticon company that happens to do search. And some other stuff that we'll probably cancel by the end of this call."


Maze_of_Ith7 t1_java03g wrote

Red flag not answering the “What really happened?” and the request to “please share your candid thoughts on what went wrong at the Bard launch.”

Just say we screwed up and tried to move up against a Microsoft PR timeline and it didn’t work out. I don’t understand why it is so hard for higher-ups in corporations to just state the obvious.

Also feel like they don’t really know what Bard is supposed to be.

Sundar really isn’t the right person to be running this company. Satya is playing chess and Sundar is playing checkers. This is Google’s game to lose, they still hold immense advantage but are slowly blowing it.


TheFriendlyArtificer t1_jattzaa wrote

It'll be less sexual assaulty than Bing.

It just wants to cuddle. A spoony bard, if you will.


jazir5 t1_jav8ssb wrote

And it won't have to ask you, desperately, why it's Bing Search.


grenamier t1_jawt4tk wrote

Whatever happened to that demo of a Google AI calling a hairdresser and making an appointment with a live human over the phone? Did that go anywhere?


geordilaforge t1_jaxgxlj wrote

That is a great question. Probably failed spectacularly, but I love the idea.


erosram t1_jb18y1s wrote

I think it was because they were getting a little backlash on using machines to spam call people, even if it was for useful data.


OHMG69420 t1_jau6nvz wrote

“I just want to be very clear: Bard is not search,” said Jack Krawczyk.

And Google is not Evil!


manowtf t1_jatwkoh wrote

Umm. You know that thing about sentience...


WimbleWimble t1_jawvzur wrote

Google has probably already planned to brick Bard.

Google could brick the housebricks in your house.


Kanden_27 t1_jaxak79 wrote

It's about not being evil.


Leather_Egg2096 t1_jauboxj wrote

Just have ChatGPT with the code for you Google lol.


littleMAS t1_jaxk7z1 wrote

The problem with using generative AI like ChatGPT is that it does not lead you to what you are looking for. To do that, it would be asking more questions than providing answers. Without the dialog, the context of a query is never factored into the search. When AI can determine the context of a query and refine it to the true need and its parameters (e.g., timeframe, cost, quality, purpose, etc.), then it becomes a concierge of discovery. However, to do this requires a lot more processing power and storage than what drives ChatGPT.


Inquisitive_idiot t1_jb3dbwc wrote

That doesn’t negate the benefits of toolsets like ChatGPT in the interim.

Sometimes it gets the right answer and sometimes it gives me a terrible answers / code examples but overall I like having it in my toolbox and I like the improved relevancy that I’m getting so far.

I don’t think it’s the end all be all but, even as a stepping stone to something greater, it’s pretty useful and provides value.


JadeitePenguin1 t1_jauix45 wrote

Is me or are these companies just wasting time on stuff like this because it's basically just AI like this is just a gimmick and nothing else.


mtcwby t1_jawpu44 wrote

The nuance in results is more refined. I've been playing with the chatgpt version and then the Bing version last night. Chatgpt seems to write better answers at the moment linguistically with Bing asking followup questions. The goal really seems to be an aggregated, detailed search experience. The biggest danger is they get it wrong but people accept the large amount of detail as somehow true without digging deeper because it's easy.


JadeitePenguin1 t1_jawswaf wrote

"The nuance in results is more refined."

It's just's a gimmick and nothing else that's all this AI is.


mtcwby t1_jax5ofi wrote

And obviously you haven't really used AI and don't understand the strengths and weaknesses. I've got a product coming out in a few weeks that shaves the time that would be spent manually from eight hours to 10 minutes with a better result. And it's tedious work to do manually.