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yParticle t1_je840h4 wrote

The cool thing about this in the retrocomputing space is how phenomenally mindblowing it would have been to see that coming across your 1200 baud modem in the 1980s. Hell, just chatting with a real person that way was pretty incredible.

Imagine a chatGPT BBS that would be the equivalent of playing an old INFOCOM text adventure but everything taking place in the real world! With the BBS sharing knowledge, solving problems, and downloading files from around the world before the Internet was a thing.


Westfakia t1_je9prvy wrote

ELIZA was amazing already if you were alive in 1984.


yourbasicgeek OP t1_jebu77k wrote

The first time I encountered Eliza, circa 1984, I played with it for two hours.


curt15-club t1_jea8evn wrote

I see that screenshot and all I can see is Fallout


HaloGuy381 t1_jebderl wrote

Was gonna say, given the existence of sophisticated AIs and robots in Fallout juxtaposed with old school terminal design, it gives serious Fallout vibes.


[deleted] t1_je7ts8y wrote



Chumstick t1_je7uiz5 wrote

No shit it’s not running on an 8088. And the developer did have to write a post request in C to run from the PC. That’s more than I would have done. I’d just put a pi somewhere as a proxy and let flask handle all of it.

…fucking mad that a web-request based client isn’t running on an 8088. Fucking really?


moofunk t1_je9knrl wrote

> And the developer did have to write a post request in C to run from the PC. That’s more than I would have done.

He probably could have written it with ChatGPT or at least bring him above the "can I be bothered to do this" threshold.

Have it build an outline and fill in the specifics and make the necessary corrections. It's like having a very junior coder doing the time consuming typing for you, and then you just have to make corrections to make it work.


despitegirls t1_je8514s wrote

That computer is probably older than half the people on Reddit. Of course it's just a client for it, the hardware is way less powerful than even a smartwatch. He still had to overcome a ton of little challenges to get this working.

Edit: CPU and RAM for this machine:

  • Intel 8088 4.77Mhz CPU
  • 640KB conventional memory (using upgrade kit)

His title is more accurate btw.


hihihihino t1_je8dmgj wrote

ChatGPT doesn't run on any hardware but its actual servers. Of course this is just a client.


Even if you wanted to run ChatGPT on a modern computer, much less an 1984 IBM PC, the source code and models are not open to the public.