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VelveteenAmbush t1_jcilkfj wrote

It's one of those things where if it's right there in the name, you start to wonder if they're protesting too much. Like Truth Social...


drawkbox t1_jcivo4f wrote

Definitely a front. There has been some consolidation in porn sites and MindGeek owner has been all sorts of attacks. They even burned his house down. It was some organized crime stuff. This ECP is on the sketch list for sure. Sounds like Ethos Capital that tried to buy .ORG TLD as a private equity firm.

Montreal mansion of Pornhub owner destroyed in criminal fire

Investigations should start on ECP right away.


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gutyex t1_jckxe5d wrote

No mainstream US politicians fit the definition of socialist very well.

Even Bernie Sanders is just barely left of center in global terms, with the Democratic party slightly right of center. The USA's overton window is skewed very far to the right.