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uzlonewolf t1_jcimzcj wrote

It's not uncommon for religious groups to try and shut down pr0n. No idea if that's what they are or not, but their name doesn't give me confidence.

> Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), ... ECP's website describes itself as a firm that seeks "investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership."


MagnarOfWinterfell t1_jcisz9f wrote

It's private equity firm, not a religious group. The only thing they worship is money.


uzlonewolf t1_jcj026l wrote

> -Investing in MindGeek as the internet leader in fighting illegal online content.
> ECP believes the internet should be safe for all - with child protection, intimate image security and digital self-determination at the core of our values, and that MindGeek must play a leading role in the fight against illegal content across the internet.

Sure sounds to me like they have goals other than money.


PromiscuousMNcpl t1_jck91o2 wrote

Yeah. They’re gonna go with the Saudi Arabia version of illegal content and shut it down.


TwentyTwoOmega t1_jckeuzm wrote

That's just a boilerplate response you issue as a PE after you bought the biggest pornsite on the planet.