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hops4beer t1_jcht9e7 wrote

Personally I'm looking forward to more hockey and syrup themed porn


VanillaElectrical331 t1_jchw1bc wrote

It's already on there, Pornhub was based in Canada from the start. If anything we'll be getting more board-member-has-a-sex-scandal stuff. Possibly with slightly less french undertones.


EmbarrassedHelp t1_jcibreh wrote

There's Canadian government funded porn as well, and the Canadian government wants more Canadian porn under their new proposed CanCon rules.


TheUmgawa t1_jcirojm wrote

It's really going to take something out of S&M pornography when the person with the whip apologizes after every lash.


Areif t1_jciokya wrote

Good because the amount of step-sibling/parent bullshit is gross. GTFO.


tranadmintreerope t1_jcjbp8r wrote enough said


survivor686 t1_jcjpdvm wrote

It would have cost you nothing, to not post that link


Sea-Woodpecker-610 t1_jci97ku wrote

More bosses in black face vids?


slc29a1 t1_jcixnn5 wrote

Wasn’t it technically brown face?


oodelay t1_jcigmlt wrote

Why do you bring that up? He's done much dumber things yet you cling to something he did with no Ill intentions. Grow up


SigSalvadore t1_jchzef4 wrote

The good old Tim Horton ring the donut on the cock videos are what got it international attention.


hawkwings t1_jciv63e wrote

Using curling brooms would induce a lot of jiggle.


thefaehost t1_jck65jr wrote

Finally PH will have those old king Clancy videos I’ve been looking for


Hsensei t1_jcimv6h wrote

Porn hub will now be leveraged for every cent it can borrow until bankruptcy


Unhelpful_Applause t1_jchxdia wrote

Is this a part of Ryan Reynolds spending spree?


aphaits t1_jcig8l9 wrote

rebrands to RyanHub


garash t1_jcimigv wrote

My wife would be on that all day.


masstransience t1_jcji8at wrote

Me too. Have you seen his skin?


marketrent OP t1_jchnc8r wrote

Excerpt from the linked content^1 by Joe Lofaro:

>MindGeek, the Montreal-based parent company of the controversial website Pornhub, has been acquired by a private equity firm.

>Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), an Ottawa-based firm, announced Thursday it is taking over the company, which has faced criticism in recent years for allegedly hosting illegal content, including child sexual abuse material, on the world's largest porn site.

>ECP's website describes itself as a firm that seeks "investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership."

>The terms of the deal are not being made public. MindGeek, which was founded in Montreal in 2004, has a vast portfolio that also includes other pornographic properties, such as YouPorn, Redtube, Brazzers,, and Sean Cody.

^1 Joe Lofaro for CTV/Bell Canada, 16 Mar. 2023,


Cold-Advance-5118 t1_jci8yaj wrote

Why would an ethical firm buy this? They are probably going to make big changes to it.


VelveteenAmbush t1_jcilkfj wrote

It's one of those things where if it's right there in the name, you start to wonder if they're protesting too much. Like Truth Social...


drawkbox t1_jcivo4f wrote

Definitely a front. There has been some consolidation in porn sites and MindGeek owner has been all sorts of attacks. They even burned his house down. It was some organized crime stuff. This ECP is on the sketch list for sure. Sounds like Ethos Capital that tried to buy .ORG TLD as a private equity firm.

Montreal mansion of Pornhub owner destroyed in criminal fire

Investigations should start on ECP right away.


[deleted] t1_jcimejq wrote



gutyex t1_jckxe5d wrote

No mainstream US politicians fit the definition of socialist very well.

Even Bernie Sanders is just barely left of center in global terms, with the Democratic party slightly right of center. The USA's overton window is skewed very far to the right.


Ratnix t1_jcjkcpx wrote

Because they likely feel they will be able to get a nice return on their investment before they implode Pornhub.


jumpup t1_jciaor7 wrote

equity, not ethical


Madforce2k2 t1_jcib3sk wrote

In fairness, the quotation does say Ethical 😂


Westfakia t1_jcibzfm wrote

I think it says both. But I’m not going to bother to check, let’s just all go with a common assumption.


uzlonewolf t1_jcikllr wrote

No, it is ethical:

> Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), ... ECP's website describes itself as a firm that seeks "investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership."


Mront t1_jcjykr6 wrote

Sure, and North Korea is a democratic republic


masterhogbographer t1_jchtkvn wrote

Only CTV would call pornhub controversial


ryper42 t1_jci68wo wrote


EmbarrassedHelp t1_jcicb10 wrote

The groups like Exodus Cry who were going after them in those lawsuits were also really controversial, yet reporters often didn't verify the source. They trusted comments from sexist hate groups like 'National Center on Sexual Exploitation' purely because of the name.


hello_hellno t1_jcj03uy wrote

Yep, the groups lobbing against it are right wing Christian groups that literally qualified cosmopolitan magazine as porn and tried to shut it down.

Yeah, porn sites have too much leeway that allows for people with bad intentions to easily get around their checks. But mind geek has been at the forefront of solving that issue by requiring ID from all uploaders,, deleting 10 million non verified videos and making sure their staff at all levels are close to equal male:female ratio.

Porn will always be around, get rid of the top company doing at least a decent job preventing exploitation and you're just giving the unethical fringe sites more customers.


nyaaaa t1_jchv0u0 wrote

Except, everyone else did.


milkman1218 t1_jcl0040 wrote

Just watched the Netflix documentary last night too. This is really interesting news, wonder what will happen now.


revtim t1_jci8l9t wrote

As long as the free porn pipe keeps flowing, don't care


Shapen361 t1_jcib51f wrote

Private Equity ruins whatever property they buy. They are going to put a lot more stuff behind paywalls I guarantee it.


TheAb5traktion t1_jcjkm2m wrote

This probably explains why the PornHub Android app no longer works. Yes, PorhHub had an official Android app you could sideload. You could watch it in VR or cast to Chromecast. The last update borked the app and told you to go to the website.


MagnarOfWinterfell t1_jci9awz wrote

I doubt it, they're going to want to monetize it.


uzlonewolf t1_jcikuml wrote

Or shut it down.


MagnarOfWinterfell t1_jcilayc wrote

Why would they buy it only to shut it down?


uzlonewolf t1_jcimzcj wrote

It's not uncommon for religious groups to try and shut down pr0n. No idea if that's what they are or not, but their name doesn't give me confidence.

> Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), ... ECP's website describes itself as a firm that seeks "investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership."


MagnarOfWinterfell t1_jcisz9f wrote

It's private equity firm, not a religious group. The only thing they worship is money.


uzlonewolf t1_jcj026l wrote

> -Investing in MindGeek as the internet leader in fighting illegal online content.
> ECP believes the internet should be safe for all - with child protection, intimate image security and digital self-determination at the core of our values, and that MindGeek must play a leading role in the fight against illegal content across the internet.

Sure sounds to me like they have goals other than money.


PromiscuousMNcpl t1_jck91o2 wrote

Yeah. They’re gonna go with the Saudi Arabia version of illegal content and shut it down.


TwentyTwoOmega t1_jckeuzm wrote

That's just a boilerplate response you issue as a PE after you bought the biggest pornsite on the planet.


PromiscuousMNcpl t1_jck8x4t wrote

Fundamentalist Reich-Wing hypocrites would absolutely but Pornhub to shut it down.


kratos90 t1_jcind7c wrote

Anyone noticed a lot of erotic stuff on Porn Hub is disappearing? I have to look on other porn sites for the good stuff


bt123456789 t1_jcjdi2r wrote

back when Pornhub had the big wipe after the "underage" controversy, non-verified stuff got wiped, I assume a large part of that was erotic stuff, I know kinky stuff got deleted, a lot of the good amateur stuff too.


Iceykitsune2 t1_jclly0b wrote

I stopped using it after the purge wiped all the good latex porn.


michaelmano86 t1_jcj8ash wrote

We can just say porn for women. /S


tranadmintreerope t1_jcjbzd1 wrote this is genuinely more tastefully shot than lust&cation and blue is the warmest color


shankster1987 t1_jciwo2a wrote

Is this why they disabled the app?


M4NOOB t1_jcjv4kj wrote

I'd recommend AIO streamer


(I don't wanna link the website as it seems like I'm advertising, but if you google AIO streamer you only get sketchy rips of the apk.... so take "pornhub", remove "hub" and add "". I've never used the paid version and I never saw the need for it)


Extreme-Leadership78 t1_jcjam4h wrote

Ever since I got a tip that bing search let's you view full videos my porn game has changed.


Far-Department-4196 t1_jcii2i9 wrote

This is like the company called “100% Beef “ supplying the burgers to McDonald’s. Now a smut porn site it owned by a “Ethical Investment” company. BS this country is getting to be.


Iceykitsune2 t1_jclmadk wrote

>This is like the company called “100% Beef “ supplying the burgers to McDonald’s

That's an internet hoax.


[deleted] t1_jck6ecx wrote

I hope they create a battle pass system like Fortnite, get sweet unlocks as you complete porn quests, unlocking new stars each season. Reach your crank down milestone each season.


wsc-porn-acct t1_jcjg2ix wrote

Is this why the mobile app was killed?


MindGeek t1_jckcvk1 wrote

I'm no sellout 😡


Mausy5043 t1_jcki5to wrote

They've reached the "orange state".

Squeeze it dry and throw it away.


NanditoPapa t1_jcmyv48 wrote

I thought I noticed more beaver tails lately...🤔


downonthesecond t1_jco0uz5 wrote

Knowing history of private equity firms, MindGeek won't be around much longer and that's a good thing.