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KillBoxOne t1_je2798g wrote

Regulation? How about you just don’t do it? It’s like he is saying “I did it because the government didn’t stop me”!

Edit: I get the larger need for regulation. It just funny how the guy who did it gets caught then pivots to saying more regulation is needed.


Better_Path5755 t1_je2qb2v wrote

the cat's outta the bag, morality is mostly a human construct, if someone can do something whether its right or wrong then best believe they will. i'm with you though as an artist


MetricVeil t1_je2wiu5 wrote

Yeah, that approach has really worked for robbery, murder, hacking... and all the other things people shouldn't do. :D


seamustheseagull t1_je4ecal wrote

It's fairly common for someone to make a demonstration of a power in order to prove the need to regulate it.

Whether or not he did this deliberately, the fact that the image has gained so much attention has obviously made him realise the danger here and now he's using his brief new platform to try and highlight that danger. I don't see the issue.


EnsignElessar t1_je56b7r wrote

Ok so I won't use it then I just sit here and hope no one else does?